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Have you ever wondered what contaminants are in your home's water

Now you don't have to, with F.H. Furr's water conditioning services! 

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Safe, healthy water is essential for life. You use it to cook, bathe, and even drink...so being sure it's filtered of all impurities is important. 

Whether in your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, or garden, your home's water is being transported to all areas of your house. So how is the quality  of your water affecting your health, and the health of your home?

Although most water is received from community water systems where it's monitored, it still must travel through piping that's often exposed to dangerous materials. The fact is that your home's water can contain high levels of bacteria, sulfur, iron, copper, and lead. These contaminants make your water unhealthy to drink. Additionally, hard water that's too mineral rich can cause numerous issues within the home.

Our water conditioning services include:

  • Water softener
  • Water filtration
  • Water treatments
  • Water purification
  • Water disinfecting systems 
  • And more! 

What IS Water Softener? Hard Water Vs. Soft Water. 

Most homeowners don't know what hard water and soft water really means, or how it can impact them. Once you know, it's simple to remember:

Hard Water: Contains natural minerals like calcium and magnesium,

Soft Water: Treated so that all of the minerals are removed. Sodium is the only ion remaining. 

Natural rain water begins as soft water, but as it makes its way into the earth and through our waterways it collects minerals like lime, chalk, and quite a bit of calcium and magnesium. Hard water naturally contains essential minerals so it's often preferred for drinking. On the opposite spectrum, soft water can taste salty, so why do we soften water

The answer is simple, soft water is better overall for the household. The amount of minerals in hard water are to blame for dingy looking clothes after a wash, dishes with spots and residue, and showers with a consistent layer of soap scum buildup. Even hair washed in water that's too hard can feel rough and sticky, while looking dull,

Aside from the inconveniences of hard water, there are monetary downsides as well. Hard water uses more energy because it's difficult for household appliances to filter, costing you more money each month. 

Having one of F.H. Furr's experienced water conditioning specialist test your water will help you determine the current level of minerals.

Filter Out Contaminants!

Without proper testing, you wouldn't have any way of knowing what contaminants are lurking in your water. Common bacteria can cause numerous health problems, especially for kids. Once your F.H. Furr specialists finds out what type of harmful organisms are in your water, a filtration system can banish them for good! 

Only The Best Products and Services. NovoSoft+485+Series+Softener+icon

F.H. Furr uses NOVO water conditioning products and plumbers who specialize in water conditioning treatments to ensure the best quality of water within your home. We offer basic to advanced water treatments to ensure that your water is always reliably safe and clean. 

Having the proper mineral levels and filtration systems in place can improve health. Call on F.H. Furr's professionals to perform your water conditioning treatments for more comfort, better health, and more money saved! 

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