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HVAC Boiler System Repair & Replacement

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Keep warm in Bethseda with a high-efficiency HVAC boiler system

Is anything more comforting on a harsh winter day than a warm, cozy home? Heating is important for the comfort of you and your family and for your home’s energy efficiency and protection. As a Bethesda homeowner, you should have peace of mind of knowing your boiler system is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

With a cost-effective and dependable boiler system, you can rest assured that your energy bills will be much lower and your home more comfortable.

Call 703-690-0449 for a free estimate, and your F. H. Furr Comfort Consultant will meet with you and analyze your home to determine what’s best for your needs.

How a Boiler System Works

Infographic showing how a boiler functions.

Hydronic heating is the heating of a building by radiation from panels containing hot water and is becoming increasingly popular in America. It’s efficient and comfortable because it uses the ultimate transfer medium: water.

Due to recent advances in boiler and heat distribution system technologies, there’s been an increased demand for hydronic heating. Advances in plastic tubing have made it possible to heat floors, walls, swimming pools, and even sidewalks/driveways in Maryland.

Ready To Install/Replace Your Boiler?

Let our friendly and experienced team of Comfort Consultants give you a free estimate. They’ll study and discuss any concerns/problems you have with your current boiler system. They’ll review all system recommendation options and help you find the best home comfort system for your family’s needs and budget.

Whether you’re in Bethesda, Potomac, Silver Spring, or Chevy Chase, F.H. Furr is the company to call to service your boiler.

Call today to speak with a representative and schedule your free Home Comfort System Analysis.

Want the Benefits of a New HVAC System for a Low Monthly Cost? Try the Peace Of Mind Comfort Program. 

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Our Peace Of Mind Comfort Program is the only one of its kind. It provides you with worry-free comfort, and partners you with our professional team of HVAC and indoor air quality technicians to handle your equipment maintenance.

For a low monthly cost, you get a new, high-efficiency system, annual maintenance, air filters, covered repairs, upgrade options, no dispatch or diagnostic fees, no overtime charges, and more.

Learn more here

Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC Boiler Systems

The older a boiler gets, the less efficient it gets. If you’re repairing your boiler fairly regularly, it makes more sense to invest your money in a new, more efficient system rather than spending money on an old, inefficient one.

Consult with your contractor to ensure a new boiler is the right solution for your needs. 

If you notice hot/cold spots in your home or shortages in hot water, your contractor may be able to recommend alternate solutions that better suit your lifestyle:

  • Water-heating upgrades: An internal tankless coil can be immersed in a boiler’s hot water. The coil picks up the heat and transfers it to fresh water contained safely in the copper piping. An indirect water heater is a separate external storage tank. Hot water is piped from the boiler’s heat exchanger into a sealed coil inside the tank. These indirect water heater units can hold up to 119 gallons and are heavily insulated to minimize heat loss.
  • Zoning upgrades: Hot water systems can be zoned, allowing different areas of a home to be regulated by their own thermostats. For example, one zone can be for the sleeping area, another for the living area, and another for the kitchen/dining area. If temperatures drop faster in one zone than another, the thermostat will call for hot water to be circulated to that zone. Thermostats with a “set-back” capability let you turn the temperature down in unoccupied areas, such as bedrooms during the day, to save fuel.
  • System enhancements: These inexpensive upgrades can improve your home’s comfort levels:
    • A constant circulation pump and a few carefully placed non-electric radiant valves can enhance the performance of existing radiation.
    • “Tempering” valves in combination with in-floor tubing create comfortable radiant floors.

Baseboard & radiator heating: Millions of U.S. homes have had baseboard units and/or radiators for space heating for many years. Hot water from a central boiler circulates heated water to baseboard heating units or radiators throughout the house. Without a thought or concern, you’re continually comforted by gentle heat.

Luxurious radiant heating: Use of radiant heating is spreading quickly across the world because it’s clean, quiet, efficient, dependable, and invisible. Hot water circulates through extremely durable tubing installed in or under your floors, walls, or ceilings. This luxuriant heating warms you and your furniture, not the air in the room. The ancient Romans used a similar system to heat their stone and marble floors, and millions of homeowners throughout Asia and Europe have used it for decades.

Snow- and ice-free driveways & sidewalks: Use hydronic heating to spare yourself the trouble of shoveling sidewalks and driveways. Hydronic heating lets you have long-lasting tubing embedded in your sidewalks and driveways, melting the snow and ice before it has a chance to accumulate. It’s a great convenience for seniors and a safety solution for all.

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We Hire “Absolutely the Best” People

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We Protect Your Home As If It Were Our Own

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See Why Our Customers say we are Absolutely
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Very happy with the work done by Kyle on the water heater; he provided great insight into current condition of heater and had a lot of knowledge to ensure it’s…
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