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Is Your Drain Backing Up Into Your Tub? Slow Draining Pipes? We've Got The Cure!

We will clear or unclog any slow or clogged drain to restore flow for $83 - and if we can't unclog it, we won't charge you.*

Each member of the Rooter-Med X™ team is a continually trained and certified Rooterologist™, and we dispatch them to your home “Absolutely FREE!” F.H. Furr will send out our Rooterologists™ to diagnose your sewer or water line issue and give you an exact, up-front price for repair or replacement. 

Get A Plumber In Your Home Free!

What Is A Rooterologist™?

They're the S.W.A.T. team of drain rooter and drain cleaning services!

A Rooterologist™ is the top of the line when it comes to drain rooter and sewer cleaning technicians. Each Rooterologist™ is handpicked by F.H. Furr himself. The Rooterologist™ is equipped in a fully stocked truck which enables them to diagnose and fix your sewer issues and clogged drains.

So when you are at your wit’s end with a slow draining toilet or sink, and you’ve exhausted every home remedy known to man, call in “Absolutely The Best” drain rooter team in Northern Virginia.


Drain Rooter Specialists

From small clogged drains to complete sewer line replacements, Rooter-MedX is ready to handle all of your home’s issues. Our goal is 100% satisfaction on all of our services, and if we haven’t achieved that goal, then our job is not done.

Our Drain Rooter Services Include:

clogged toilet fairfax va

Clogged Toilets

Unfortunately, toilets clog for many different reasons, and many homeowners are convinced that it’s ok to flush paper towel, excessive toilet paper, gold fish or baby alligators; however, these things build up and ultimately create clogs. Add that to older toilets that have been worn down through time and you have recipe for disaster.


clogged drain fairfax va

Clogged Drains

Our Rooterologists™ come prepared to tackle any drain, any size, any time. From a kitchen or bathroom drain to a garage drain or down spout drain, no drain is too big or too small for our team of professional drain cleaners. And once the clog is cleaned, we offer several maintenance plans and products that will help keep your sewer drain clear for many years to come.


sewer hydro jetting service fairfax va

Sewer Hydro jetting

Using extremely high water pressure, Hydro jetting blasts away years of long-term build-up of paper, solid waste, and food grease and flushes the debris to the sanitary main. Hydrojetters are also used to wash the insides of the pipe after any repair, clog or replacement. Short of an entire replacement of sewer pipes, our hydro-jetting is the best way to clear pipes of blockages without damage to your yard and home.


sewer snake service northern virginia fairfax

Sewer Snake

Sewer snake (drain snake, drain rooter or drain auger) is the common tool used to unclog drains and sewer lines. It is inserted into a drain and displaces or “chews” away at whatever is in it’s way in a circular motion, kind of like a drill. The head of the sewer snake can be a blade for root intrusion, a cleaning for grease clogs or a retrieval attachment for common things like paper towels.


sewer video inspection fairfax va area

Sewer Video Inspection

Sewer video camera inspection service is commonly provide to our customers by our Rooterologists™ with the most knowledge of your sewer main drain lines. Most sewer camera inspections take about one hour and are recorded to give you peace of mind that the proper repair or replacement is taken care of in your sewer lines.


sewer smoke testing fairvax area virginia

Smoke Testing

Bad smell through out your home, but have no clue where it’s from? If so, you need a smoke test. Smoke testing in sewer and drain repair is used to pinpoint where noxious sewer gases are entering your home. A controlled non-toxic, odorless smoke is flooded into your home’s sewer or main drain line, as it pushes through the sewer line, the rooterologist can see exactly where the odor is coming in from.


fairfax va sewer line locating service

Sewer Line Locating

Our sewer line locating service not only nails the direction, but the depth of your sewer pipe as well. Usually, this service is used when a damaged sewer main drain line is present or if a homeowner is doing a major remodel of his home or yard (Adding a pool, koi pond, additional bathroom or driveway).


trenchless pipe bursting fairfax va

Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Trenchless pipe bursting technology allows the replacement of orangeburg, clay, cast iron and other fracturable pipes with a new main line of the same, if not larger, size for sewer lines. Replacing a partially collapsed main drain line without major excavations (trenchless pipe bursting only uses two holes or access points) saves time, which saves money.


trenchless lining spot repair fairfax va

Trenchless Lining Spot Repair

With today’s technology and our Rooterologists™ ongoing training, Trenchless Lining Spot Repair provides a permanent, convenient alternative method for repairs on sewer lines. Installed internally, the trenchless system is primarily used for repairs ranging from 2’ to 4’ in length. Using trenchless lining systems speeds up the process of the work, and significantly brings down the cost of the sewer work by eliminating the need for excavation.


trenchless water line replacement fairfax va

Trenchless Water Line Replacement

The trenchless sewer pipe replacement process is becoming more and more of an option because of distinct advantage such as: reducing the cost of replacing a main drain water line, and installing a superior sewer product in the ground than the traditional procedures. This process most of the time eliminates the need for digging long and deep trenches which destroys your yard, but it does require experience in trenchless sewer replacements to use the existing sewer lateral’s position in the ground as a guide for the new replacement pipe.


sewer line maintenance fairfax va area

Sewer Line Maintenance Programs

With periodic sewer line maintenance, you can save money on replacement costs and extend the life of your sewer exponentially whether or not you have a clogged sewer line. Annual service & maintenance keeps your sewer main drain lines root free and debris free which helps you flush with confidence.


*$83 Or It's Free Disclaimer
Residential drains only. Must be used in 1 visit, with a limit of 1 drain per household. Must be performed during standard business hours. Must have accessible, ground level clean out (up to 4”) to access the drain on the exterior of the home. Additional charges may apply if access to the drain is not readily available (i.e. removing and reinstalling a toilet or a drain assembly).
Not valid for cash back and cannot be combined with any other offer. Cannot be applied to current or past jobs. Images may not reflect exact product/service. Offer expires 6 months from date of acquisition.