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The Basics of Home Electrical Maintenance

Your home provides a safe, comfortable environment for you and your family every day. Like many other aspects of your home, your electrical system requires regular maintenance to continue functioning efficiently. Scheduling electrical maintenance services with a professional electrician offers many benefits, including lower electric bills, a more comfortable home environment, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home’s electrical systems are safely and properly installed.


Lighting plays an important role in your everyday life—without proper lighting, your home becomes uncomfortable or virtually unusable after dark. During an electrical maintenance visit, your residential electrician will check the light fixtures in your home, as well as outdoor fixtures and landscape lighting, to ensure they are using the proper bulbs and all wiring and other components are in good shape. He’ll also check for and address issues such as faulty and loose switches so you can enjoy instant light without the fuss of toggling a finicky switch back and forth. If you’ve been having trouble with your lighting, a maintenance visit is a good time to point out the problematic fixture so your electrician can take a look.


You use your outlets every day to provide power to appliances, electronics, lights, and more. An electrician will check each outlet to ensure it is receiving and providing power as expected and is properly grounded for safety purposes. Outlets in areas where moisture is common, such as kitchens and bathrooms, will also be inspected for water damage or corrosion. Loose outlets are a common electrical complaint, particularly in older homes—these can be easily fixed during a routine maintenance visit for safety and convenience as well.

Circuit Breaker and Surge Protector

Your home’s circuit breaker is the heart of its electrical system, sending incoming power throughout your home for use. Thus, inspecting your circuit breaker is an important part of any home electrical maintenance visit. Your electrician will check that all connections, wiring, and circuits are in good shape, and tighten any loose connections. He’ll replace or repair any components that are worn or damaged to ensure you enjoy continuous electricity throughout your home. Your electrician may also test your circuits to ensure they aren’t overheating, which could cause a fire hazard. If your home uses a whole house surge protector, this component will also be checked during your electrical maintenance service to ensure it is connected and functioning properly.

Smoke Detectors

If your home incorporates a hardwired smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector system, your electrician will check this as well. He’ll make sure all smoke or carbon monoxide detectors have fresh backup batteries and inspect the wiring connecting each detector to the rest of the system for any wear or damage. Maintenance of these systems typically includes testing each detector as well to ensure it will function properly if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected. Additionally, it’s important to note that smoke detectors have a limited lifetime; your residential electrician will let you know if it’s time to replace your smoke detector system.

Annual home electrical maintenance carried out by a professional electrician in Fairfax County will ensure every component of your electrical system is functioning properly and safely. You can find out more about our electrical services in Virginia and Maryland, including electrical maintenance, electrical repair, and electric upgrades, when you visit our website or click through our blog.

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