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Ask F.H. Furr: Is Ultraviolet Light Dangerous To Use In The Home?

Ask F.H. Furr: Is Ultraviolet Light Dangerous To Use In The Home?

Ask F.H. Furr: “I saw that you install UV light air purifiers. I always thought that UV rays are dangerous. Aren’t they a form of radiation? Are UV lights safe to use in the home?” – Carrie S., Fairfax, VA

Recently a customer asked this question to our service team. She was interested in an air purification system but was worried about the use of UV light in her home. This thought process is not uncommon, especially since we see advertisements for sunglasses, sunscreen, and even clothing that protect us from UV rays. So let’s get into some basics about UV light, radiation, and whether or not it is safe to use in your home. 

Ultraviolet Light At A Glance

In order to answer the question of “is it safe”, you should be aware of what it is. Ultraviolet (UV) light is a form of radiation (electromagnetic waves, especially high-energy particles which cause ionization). It’s invisible to the human eye, falling right before visible light on the Electromagnetic Spectrum. It’s a range of wavelength frequencies over which electromagnetic radiation extends. Although we can’t see it, we feel its effects, especially when out in the sun, as sunlight is the main source of UV radiation. 

When It’s Dangerous

UV light and radiation are dangerous when it comes to powerful rays that occur in nature and come into contact with your skin or eyes. UV has the ability to penetrate layers of your skin, causing tanning and burning. This leads to premature aging of the skin and potentially skin cancer. Additionally, staring into UV rays can cause vision impairment. This is why sunscreen and sunglasses are essential outdoor safety requirements. So in this form, UV light is dangerous. 

When It’s Safe

UV light is safe when utilized in the form of a lamp or UV bulb and is not coming into contact with the skin or eyes. Over the years, scientists have discovered the germ-killing power of UV light and have harnessed that power into a bulb that emits powerful but safe UV rays, sanitizing surfaces, and airborne contaminants. You should be aware that not all UV products are safe or effective. Be sure that you trust the company you purchase from. Although you should never shine UV lamps on your skin or in your eyes, UV light is safe for in-home purification when installed by a professional. 

UV Light And Indoor Air Quality 

When it comes to Indoor Air Quality, there’s no greater purification system than a UV-C light. We install EnviroAire IAQ Whole Home In-Duct Air Purification Systems, and our customers are experiencing cleaner, healthier air than ever before! 

If you have been wondering whether a UV germicidal air purification system is a solution for your home’s poor indoor air quality, we can help answer your questions! Reach out today and experience the purifying power of ultraviolet light!

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