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Have YOU Got The Remodel Bug?

Have YOU Got The Remodel Bug?

Who hasn’t thought to themselves, “This kitchen needs some new color.” Or “Maybe my bathroom could use a little spruce-up!”? These are thoughts that run through the minds of homeowners all the time! Admittedly, I’ve been thinking about it myself lately!

Here are some statistics for you:
  • 11% of US households cite the kitchen as being the place where they find the most enjoyment in their home
  • 57% of realtors recommend a kitchen upgrade before attempting to sell
  • 17% of realtors recommend a complete kitchen remodel before attempting to sell
  • 49% say the top reason for doing a bathroom renovation are that some part(s) of the room is outdated or worn-out
  • 45% of realtors recommend a bathroom renovation before attempting to sell

*These statistics are from the 2015 Remodeling Impact Report (


Whether you’re looking to update your home’s existing kitchen, create a luxurious master suite or add a powder/wash room, the kitchen & bathroom remodeling experts at F.H. Furr are here to help you plan, design and create a masterpiece!

We’ve partnered up with the best of the best of vendors to provide you with an exceptional product line for cabinetry, toilets, showers, bathtubs, faucets, fixture and counter tops. Couple that with our in-home consultation, F.H. Furr knows that we can build the dream bathroom and/or kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Learn a little more about remodeling with F.H. Furr and take a look at our gallery HERE!

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