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Is Your Outdoor Electrical Wet Weather Ready?

April Showers Mean Some Rainy Days Ahead!

As we head into spring and April showers, we are faced with the reality of some wet weather. We know water and electricity can create a dangerous combination. Just make sure your electrical is wet weather ready with these important safety tips:

  1. Use or install GFCI outlets
    Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are used outdoors, to prevent risk of electric shock. These are safer because they will cut off currents of electricity in wet and dangerous conditions–saving you the shock you may have encountered in the past. These outlets are only a few hundred dollars to install, including the outlet. Call for an estimate.
  2. Temporary Use of Extension Cords
    For your safety, and the item you are powering, always make sure the extension cord reads “For Outdoor Use.” And if you require lighting outdoors, and are relying on the use of extension cords, you really should consider installing the appropriate permanent wiring and landscape lighting. Long term use of extension cords can be dangerous as exposure to the weather and elements can breakdown the wiring insulation.
  3. Surge Protection
    Spring and summer storms can mean surges in power. These surges can permanently damage your electronics and sometimes indoor wiring. Play it smart and install whole home surge protection as this is your best option to protect your valuables.
  4. Generators
    If you are reliant on generators for medical equipment, the time is now to consider back up power sources. Sudden and severe storms can leave us without power, and a whole home or even portable generator could be a great solution to ensure you are never wit out power.
  5. Use Your Senses
    If you feel a slight jolt when plugging or unplugging, hear a sizzle at an outlet or switch, a circuit is frequently tripping, OR lights are flickering, these are all signs there is an issue. Trouble shooting may be the best call to make to avoid hazard.

F.H. Furr is here to help you keep your home’s electrical in the safest condition. Call (703) 690-0449 if you need a repair, or to schedule a free installation for GFCI outlets, or surge protection.

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