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You’re Protected With F.H. Furr!

You’re Protected With F.H. Furr!
Simply put: We want our customers to know that they’re safe when they work with F.H. Furr
  • We want you to know that your information is safe when you call in and speak with our representatives.
  • We want you to know that we’re putting your safety first when our technicians are in your home.

With many of our employees entering customers’ homes for repairs, maintenance, and replacement, each employee must pass a thorough and compressive background check before our company hires them. This process allows our customers to be 100% sure that the technician in their home is a person worthy of trust! Our employees represent our company, and we want to be sure that our reputation and family values are displayed through our respectful, courteous and knowledgeable employees!

When it comes to the work being performed, our customers can feel secure knowing that it is completed by fully competent technicians. We feel strongly that each of our employees must be able to pass a drug test before being hired. They are also asked to take drug tests once a month. These test dates are unknown to employees for maximum security and assurance. We believe our customers shouldn’t have to worry about being in their home alone with our employees, and our firm handle on testing for drugs helps us to ensure that they don’t.

Our customers are our highest priority! We want to be sure that no matter what, you’re protected and feel comfortable when dealing with F.H. Furr!

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