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Ask Furr: Is It Worth It To Winterize My Home?

Question submitted by: Stephanie L. Herndon, VA

"Is it worth it to winterize my home?" Stephanie, this is a great question, especially as fall is ending and the cold is right on its heels. Most of Northern Virginia and Maryland have already experienced the chill. You, as well as other homeowners, are wondering if winterizing your home is worth the time, hassle or money.

First, we want to explain a little bit about what winterizing is, and how it can positively effect your home as well as your monthly energy bills!

Winterizing is a word for saying that your home will be prepped for winter. Leaks will be detected and stopped, areas of your home will be insulated for winter and heating equipment will be checked and inspected for proper operation.

Winterizing will not only keep your home warmer in the winter, but it will extend the life of your fuel supply. Insulating walls and attics, caulking windows and doors and weather stripping pipes and gaps are just some of the ways that this is done. You'll notice that often times homeowners will place plastic over all of their windows. This is a common DIY trick that many people feel helps in the fight against the cold, as well as their rising holiday energy bill.

A part of winterizing your home is being sure that your gutters are clear of debris. This helps to prep your house for icy weather. If water can easily get through your gutters then they're far more protected from freezing.

When you have your home winterized, your pipes will be insulated to be sure that they don't freeze as the weather gets cooler. Frozen pipes often lead to dangerous and costly bursts. This can drastically alter your holiday season and take a chunk out of your wallet that you weren't expecting!

A home that is improperly sealed for the winter can waste 10-15% of its' energy! With proper winterization, you can put that money back in your pocket, and energy back in your home where it needs to be!

To find out more about how you can get your home winterized by F.H. Furr, just give us a call! Find out more about energy savings, too! We're here to help you make sure your home is running smoothly, efficiently and comfortably all winter long!



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