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Winter Is Coming: How to Prepare Your Furnace

Your home is all decked out for the holidays, presents are under the tree, and your house is warm and toasty, but it is all too often that we forget about what allows for us to enjoy a warm, cozy home. It’s your furnace!

A furnace works by blowing heated air through ducts that then deliver warm air to rooms throughout the house. Preparing your furnace for winter, and regularly getting it inspected for cracks or proper ventilation, is imperative to help extend the life of your costly furnace. Here are 4 ways to prepare your furnace to keep you warm all season long!

  1. Get your HVAC Inspected

A professional inspection may uncover any issues your furnace may have that are hidden from plain sight. By getting an inspection, you will greatly reduce the risk of your furnace breaking down on the coldest day of the year, or during a blizzard! An inspection should be done on a yearly basis, as it ensures your equipment is operating safely and not leaking dangerous carbon monoxide into your home. Preventive maintenance also saves your wallet by maximizing efficiency and minimizing costly breakdowns.

  1. Replace your furnace filter

Regularly change your furnace’s filters throughout the winter! A dirty filter impedes air flow and greatly reduces efficiency. It is suggested to replace your furnaces filter every 60 days during the heating season.

  1. Clear the space around the furnace

Once you begin to use your furnace for the winter, you will want to ensure that there is nothing flammable in sight to prevent a potential fire. While you’re at it, be sure to sweep up any dust or debris that are close to the furnace.

  1. Clean the vents throughout your home

Remove the metal lid from the vents around your home so that you can reach in the extension of your vacuum cleaner to suck up any dust or debris. This will ensure that your furnace is flowing powerfully throughout your vents and you are getting the most heat as possible delivered to the rooms of your home.

It is important to the health of your furnace to have it checked regularly by a professional. Proper maintenance helps ensure that you can rely on your furnace all winter long to run at optimal performance levels!

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