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Winter Flood Risks! [Infographic]

Usually, when we think of flooding, we think of continuous days of Spring and Summer rain. Did you know that flooding can be just as common in the Winter, but with snow? Sure, it isn’t an issue when the snow is coming down and creating a beautiful Winter Wonderland. But when it stops coming down and starts melting – it can easily become an issue!

Prevention is certainly key, and in most cases, if it’s done before the snow starts in your area, it shouldn’t take much to ensure your home is prepared!

Here are some ways to avoid Winter flooding around your home:


A couple of things to consider that would help your home in the event of flooding?

  • Water alarms
    1. Easily installed as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with a sump pump
    2. High-tech alerts can be sent via text, email, or phone
    3. Protection from flooding by alerting the homeowner of water
    4. Saves money by preventing possible flood damages
    5. Peace of mind knowing that you won’t be caught off guard
  • Find out more about water alarms installed by F.H. Furr, HERE!
  • Sump Pump
    • Water can soak into walls, weaken your foundation, and cause poisonous mold and mildew. Homeowners can waste a fortune each year… all from a simple power outage. And much of it may not be covered by your insurance.
  • Find out more about WHY you might need a sump pump HERE!

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