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When You Get The WORST Plumbing Advice – Call Us!

When You Get The WORST Plumbing Advice – Call Us!
“Sure, you can put that down the disposal. That’s what it’s for!”
“Oh, your sink is clogged? Just use a drain cleaner and it will be fine.”

When something goes wrong in your home, it seems that everyone knows something or someone to fix the issue but it isn’t always the best advice! Unfortunately, many times it can even end up making the problem worse!

Here are a few of the worst pieces of advice we’ve heard and some recommended ways that might serve you a little better!

“Sure, you can put that down your garbage disposal! They’ll grind up just about anything!”

Please don’t listen to this one! While your garbage disposal may seem like it’s invincible, we are here to tell you that it isn’t. Starchy foods like potatoes can actually turn to a sticky glue-like texture when run through the garbage disposal. Stringy things like celery or banana peels aren’t good either as they can get caught up in it.

“Just grab one of those “awesome” chemical filled drain cleaners for your clogged drain!”

Another one that isn’t good in the long run! These chemical cleaners usually have ingredients that will get rid of a clog, but could also be contributing to the breakdown of your pipes as well! On top of that, it can ruin the finishing on your tubs or sinks!

“Hot water will help clean your toilet better than cold!”

Many times hot water does, in fact, clean better than room temperature or cold water. However, this isn’t one of those cases. Did you know that if you pour hot water into your toilet, it could end up cracking the bowl? Regular temperature water and a good toilet cleaner are just fine for cleaning your bowl!

“Have you tried these flushable wipes?”

Spoiler alert: They aren’t really flushable. Most brands don’t break down like they say and they’ll just clog the pipes in your home and sometimes even sewer pipes! They’re just fine to use, but put them in a trash bag or trashcan when finished instead! Another spoiler? The same rules apply for feminine products.

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