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When Do I Need to Call for Drain Cleaning Repair vs. Replacement?

Your home’s plumbing system contains drains to funnel wastewater away from your sinks, tubs, toilets, showers, and water-using appliances. In addition to the drains inside your home, there is also a main sewer drain that consolidates all your wastewater and carries it from your home to the sewer under your street. Clogs are a common problem that can affect the function of the drains inside your home and beneath your property. Knowing the signs that you need drain repair or replacement in Fairfax or Montgomery County can prevent clogs and deterioration from causing backups and leaks that damage your home or your property, as well as wasted water and high utility bills.

Signs You Need Drain Repair

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In most cases, clogged drains only require repair, rather than replacement. The most common signs of backed-up drains inside your home include drains that are slow and water pooling in the bottom of sinks and tubs while you the water is running. Toilets affected by a clogged drain may drain slowly when flushed. If there is a clog affecting your main sewer drain, you may encounter different symptoms, such as bubbling or percolating in your toilets when you run sinks or showers. A clogged sewer drain can also cause a foul-smelling odor to emanate from your home’s drains, as well as untreated wastewater welling up in tubs and showers. If you experience any of these signs, it’s time to call in a professional plumber. Although there are a range of drain-cleaning chemical products on the market, these drain cleaners can actually harm your plumbing when overused, leading to the eventual need for pipe replacement. Your plumber has the right tools to eliminate a clog quickly and completely without causing any collateral damage to your plumbing.

Signs You Need Drain Replacement

In some cases, drain problems do signal the need for drain or pipe replacement. Particularly if your home is old and the plumbing has never been replaced, problems with your drains may mean the plumbing pipes are beginning to fail. Leaks associated with drains or nearby pipes typically mean that the pipes are in poor condition and should be replaced to prevent water waste and damage to your home. Outside, tree roots can penetrate your home’s sewer drain, leading to a breach that leaks untreated wastewater into your yard. Signs of a sewage leak include pooling water in your yard, spongy ground underfoot, distinct areas of lawn or foliage overgrowth, and a persistent smell of raw sewage. If you spot these signs, call your plumber immediately to schedule a drain inspection and replacement. Oftentimes, even underground sewer drains can be replaced without significant disruption to your yard.

Clogged drains may seem like a minor annoyance, but they can turn into bigger plumbing issues if not addressed properly. As soon as you suspect a drain problem, contact your plumber in northern Virginia or Maryland for an assessment and drain repair or replacement. You can find out more about common home plumbing issues when you read through our blog, or reach a plumber to request an appointment on our website.

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