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What To Expect During A Lighting Survey

With evenings getting darker earlier, it is important to maintain bright lights and safe conditions for our residents. Have you updated your outdoor lighting in the past 5 years? If not, you could be missing out on some new technology which could save you time and money. Read on what you can expect during a F.H. Furr Lighting Survey.

Complete evaluation of your existing Site Plan

Does your current lighting serve the complete expanse of your property? Or are their areas which could be brighter at night? Are your walking paths well-lit with landscape lighting? Are all entrances well-lit and also have motion detector security cameras? Are any dog walking areas well-lit too for safety? F.H. Furr will perform an in depth analysis of your property and identify how your current lighting output is serving your property, and what improvements could be made.

Exploration of New Designs

F.H. Furr technicians know how to maximize lighting efficiency for all areas of your property. From Parking Lot lighting in a garage and a lot, to lighting for walking paths, pool areas, and dog parks, we will determine the custom design and products which will perform best for your unique situation.

Recommendation of New Plan and Products

Because we know Electrical Lighting Design and Products, we are equipped to make recommendations which will light up the areas with the most efficient products available. In addition to LED lighting, we also can offer insight on timers for outdoor lighting, and motion detector use which are helpful in saving in energy costs. We will come to you armed with a total solution: new lighting survey, recommended design and products, available rebates, and cost for installations and maintenance.

On Going Maintenance Plan

F.H. Furr is ready to help service and replace your lamps and bulbs to ensure maximum output of your installation. We know the frequency and time estimate of bulb replacement and will schedule service accordingly so this process is automated and easy for your property.

Make sure your property is well lit and bright this winter! Just call us at (703) 540-4838 to schedule.

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