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What Is Sewer Jetting & Would It Benefit My Home?

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Clogged drains are a problem for every homeowner, but if you have ever dealt with a clogged sewer, then you know there in no fun involved when dealing with them. Clogged sewers can cause a backup into your home spilling waste in through your pipes. The mess, the smell, the bacteria – YUCK! One way to prevent this is with sewer jetting!

Sewer jetting is a method used for cleaning sewer and drain lines using high pressure water. Using a high-powered hose with a special nozzle at the end, Sewer hydro jetting blasts away obstructions on the inside walls of your pipes.


The machine shoots water out at all angles, usually at over 4000 psi and not only can it clear out blockages, but it scours the edges and cleans them as well! It’s a much better alternative than a snaking service because when having drains snaked, they are only pushing the issue through, still possibly leaving a mess behind which could potentially cause the issue to come right back!

Not only is sewer jetting one of the most economical and efficient ways to clear the main drains from your home, it’s one of the “greenest” ways as well due to ZERO chemicals being used!

If you think you might be interested in sewer jetting for your home, give us a call! Our technicians can come do a sewer line inspection to see what the issue is and make sure sewer jetting is the right fix for you. In some cases, pipes could be damaged or broken and would require a more involved fix than just jetting.


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