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What IS A Preferred Partner Plan?

What’s different about F.H. Furr’s service plans…

If you give any home services company a call and ask them about a service plan, they’ll give you a lowdown of the plan that they’ve put in place for their customers. Sometimes it includes quicker service, or deals on parts, it can include warranties or guarantees, and it almost always include some type of too-good-to-be-true selling point. So when you call F.H. Furr and ask them about their service plans, what will you hear? What is their Preferred Partner Plan? To put it simply, it’s peace of mind, it’s coverage when you need it, it’s Northern Virginia’s most trusted home service company having your back!

Your home is most likely the biggest investment of your life, so it’s important that you choose a home comfort partner that will treat it as such! At F.H. Furr they get it, that’s why they’ve designed a service plan that makes peace of mind easier, cheaper, and better than ever before. They know what your home needs, and they meet those needs in a plan that’s convenient for you.

When you become a Preferred Partner Plan member, they reward your loyalty with some pretty awesome benefits! Customers who are plan members can expect:

  •  Priority Service every time you call: Preferred Partner Plan members are coded with priority upon calling and always go to the front of the list. Since only a limited number of plans are offered, you can be assured that you will get service faster than the average customer.
  • Discount of 15%. Preferred members get 15% off of standard book prices for all services. They also receive 15% off on parts and labor, which can really come in handy on big jobs.
  • 4 Inspections: Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Plumbing: F.H. Furr’s signature 28 Point Heating Inspections and 25 Point Cooling Inspections are included in your plan. Likewise, their thorough Plumbing and Electrical Safety inspections are also included, all a part of the perks of being a Preferred Partner Plan member. This ensures that your equipment is running reliably and safely, with maintenance happening annually for just one payment.
  • Special email coupons and exclusive deals. Throughout the year F.H. Furr  provides special services, tips and offers just for their Preferred Partner Plan members. 

As a Preferred Partner Plan member, and a customer of F.H. Furr, they promise to provide the highest level of customer service. That means that your appointments will be scheduled geographically by zip code to offer more flexible appointment dates and time frames. They’ll be on time and equipped with the right tools to get the job done. Technicians will be clean, polite, and uniformed, all with ongoing education and training under their belt so they’ll be proficient and capable of handling your issues above and beyond industry standards. Once your work has been completed F.H. Furr will follow up with you to be certain that your service was to your complete satisfaction.

If protecting the investment of your home is important to you, then having a service plan from a reputable home service company is imperative. Preferred Partner Plans mean that your home will run more smoothly, safely and efficiently than ever before. Plus, with four maintenance inspections each year on all of your major comfort systems, you’ll be protected from voided warranties and premature system failures. Getting a membership is simple, and with one phone call, your home can be protected for as long as you need it! Take advantage of this partnership today! 

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