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5 Signs That Your Water Heater Can’t Handle The Holidays!

5 Signs That Your Water Heater Can’t Handle The Holidays!

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, everyone is looking ahead to Christmas…can you believe it? It’s already Christmastime?! Well, with the biggest holiday of the year around the corner, you’re likely prepping your home for the onslaught of holiday guests… Is your water heater ready?

With so many extra people around the house, you can count on doubling the showers, handwashing, and laundry, which means your water heater will be working overtime to accommodate everyone. Unfortunately, many Northern Virginia and Maryland homeowners don’t realize when their water heating system is on the brink of a breakdown! 

Thankfully, there are signs that can help you determine whether or not your water heater is up to the challenge of this holiday season! 

Instead of having you or your guests fall victim to a cold-shower disaster, know the warning signs! To avoid arctic water conditions, pay close attention to these:

1. Water temperature inconsistencies

If you and your family’s routine has stayed the same, but the hot water doesn’t seem to stretch as far, it could be a sign of trouble to come! Maybe someone adjusted the thermostat or snuck in extra long showers, but more likely, your water heater isn’t as trusty as you thought.

2. Rusty or dirty water

Rust is the kryptonite of water heaters. Minerals commonly found in Virginia and Maryland’s water supply can attach to the seal of the tank and create a corrosive layer. You read correctly… Simply by living in this great area, your water is doomed! If you’re noticing anything else than crystal-clear water…call in the experts! 

3. Noise, noisy, noisiest!

If your water heater’s noise level is a close contender to your kids’, you may need to seek professional help…for your water heater, that is! These noises are often a result of an old system. As the water heats, it expands and hits minerals that cause a gravel-like sound. Strange noises from your water heater mean it’s suffering a long, slow death… Put it out of its misery.

4. Smelly water

Ever turned on the sink to brush your teeth and noticed a foul stench? Who wants to brush their teeth with that? If your water smells metallic, sulfurous, or just plain weird in general, it could indicate that minerals have built up in your water heater tank to an unhealthy level.

5. Leaky tank

This is never, ever a normal sight. If you notice water pooling around your system, immediately pick up the phone and give us a call. The corrosion inside the tank has now eaten its way through the steel, and you’re very close to having a huge problem. It might be time for a new water heater. 

If you’re experiencing these water heating conundrums, don’t stress. Just call in the expert plumbers at F.H. Furr!


When you realize you’ve seen, heard, or smelled some of the above symptoms, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be desperate for a plumber. Wait too long, and it might be an emergency service! We’ll come out to your home for free and check things out. No dispatch fees or diagnostic fees; that’s just how we roll! 

Protect your holiday guests, home, and bank account, and let us show you what “Absolutely the Best” plumbing service looks like! 

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