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Can a Water Heater Explode Through Your Roof?

It may sound fanciful, but water heaters regularly build up steam pressure within as a part of their daily operation. Relief valves are designed to let off excess pressure and keep the water heater within safe limits, but is it possible for a faulty water heater to actually explode?

Explosions aren’t an entirely accurate term, but in short, yes. Water heaters that are not able to relieve the pressure that builds up inside can turn into virtual rockets, presenting a very real and destructive risk to homes and their inhabitants. Watch this video to see the MythBusters confirm that water heaters under pressure do, indeed, go off like rockets.

To prevent this kind of disaster from ever happening in your home, follow the regular maintenance procedures outlined in the manual for your own water heater, and let professional plumbers with F.H. Furr Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning inspect and repair your plumbing equipment for safety. Call us at (703) 496-5016 for more information.

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