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Fear Basement Flooding? Protect Your Home With A Water Alarm!

While traditional alarms protect your home from thieves, unwanted intruders and fire, another often overlooked suspect can drain your funds from right underneath you! The culprit is none other than basement flooding!

Chances are, you’ve known someone who has experienced a flooded basement, or maybe you’ve been a victim of this yourself. Either way, you know that it can be one of the most destructive and expensive problems you can encounter. In addition to the unsightly mess that unwanted water leaves behind, it can also be dangerous.

Not only does it damage your home, but it can cause electrical problems and mildew once it’s supposedly gone. An unexpected disaster like basement flooding, can not only hurt your home, but your wallet as well. Unfortunately, water damages can creep up on you, Being prepared is your best defense against unforeseen disaster. So what can you do to warn yourself of any flooding that may creep into your basement?

The answer is clear: Install a Water Alarm! Just as you protect your home with smoke and security alarms, you can do the same with an alarm that warns you when flooding is happening in your home.

Water alarms are easily installed as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with a sump pump to alert you to flooding. With today’s technological advancements, a properly installed water alarm can literally alert you via text, email, or phone call. In terms of water and home damage, the sooner you are aware of any situation, the quicker you’re able to respond and correct the problem. When it comes to potential water damage, minutes can be crucial.

Don’t let water and moisture steal away your hard-earned investment, call an FH Furr professional today to find out more! With a “Plumber in your Home for Free,” rest assured in knowing that our service-oriented staff will be able to recommend the best fit to keep your home safe.

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