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Stop Flooding With Steel Washing Machine Lines!

We’ve all got busy schedules, and laundry is a weekly occurrence in most people’s home. So when it comes to appliances, your washing machine is probably one of the top ranking contenders! It’s the appliance that most homeowners take for granted, yet if it breaks down it could cause numerous problems and unwanted stress! So why do washing machines break down and what can you do to prevent this?

Is your Washing Machine Dangerous?

Leading cause of washing machine break-downs? Hoses!

One of the biggest issues with washing machines is the hose lines that are attached to

to the machine itself. These lines transfer water to and from the machine, supplying

it with the water to wash your clothing. Most washing machines employ a rubber hose,

which is the standard hose on the market, yet these hoses are completely insufficient.

Often times, they get moved or bent, causing the water to build up in the line and

burst from the pressure! When this happens, the water that should be filling your

washing machine is now filling your the floor of the laundry room and spilling out into

the rest of the house. Flooding like this can cost you hundreds! Repairing flood damage

is not only expensive, but time consuming! The water permeates the floors and

becomes a problem that stays around indefinitely.

So what’s the solution?

The solution is simple and easy: replace the hoses! The best replacement for common

rubber hoses are Stainless Steel Washing Machine Lines. Unlike their rubber

counterparts, these hoses are virtually unbreakable. Most of the time, the rubber hoses

get bent and then burst from the high pressure, but Stainless Steel lines are braided

together to create a strong, unmoving cord. This durable option protects you and your

home from flood damages, and gives you peace of mind!


So anytime you use your washing machine, consider the mechanics behind it. Are you

protected? Give F.H. Furr a call and have one of our knowledgable technicians come

out to your home to give your washing machine a once over. We’re always available to handle

all of you plumbing needs!

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