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Understanding what’s going on inside your electrical panel?

We know it can be difficult to determine what you are looking at exactly, but once you learn it, you won’t forget! 

Since the utility companies distributes electricity to each circuit that supply all the lights, outlets, appliances, and all of our wired devices with power, we have the ability to shut off our home’s electric in our panel of switches and wires, EXCEPT for the currents that’s still coming in from the utility company.

Where can I find my main circuit break? Typically, they are found in the basement, so check down there first. If not, they can be found in a small utility closet, storage room, or a hallway.

Behind the panel door is where you can access all the circuit breakers. Now, this differs from house to house. There can sometimes be two panels; one main that works on the whole house and another sub panel that works for any additions or detached garages.

Each circuit breaker is manually controlled with a lever that can be flipped ON or OFF. Now with that being said, this is something you will want to pay attention to. If the lever stops mid-way between ON and OFF then it could be due to underlying issue. Reason one behind this mid-stop could be a circuit overload (too many things plugged in) or reason two is there is an actual problem with the circuit that you will want an Electrician to look at ASAP.

If your career title doesn’t include “Electrician,” this is probably as far as you will want to go with the electrical panel as to not risk serious physical harm to yourself or your home. Getting behind the front cover panel to replace circuit breakers exposes you to all the dangers of dealing with electricity. However, if you do want to replace your breakers or need to get in there for another reason, be sure to turn OFF the main circuit breaker.

If you are having any electrical problems, need an inspection, or want to upgrade your electrical box, give F.H. Furr a call and we would be happy to address any concerns or questions you may have! Remember, electricity is one of the most dangerous things in your house. Don’t take it lightly!

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