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5 Awesome Tips To Hiring An Electrician

5 Awesome Tips To Hiring An Electrician

Most electrical contractor-related problems can be averted by taking your time doing just a little research. With over 35 years of experience, we have found that these are the tips we would use to hire some for our house!

1. Check Their license. 

Never hire an unlicensed electrician. Just because it looks like a good deal on paper may not be the same as the application. “Licensed & Bonded” is not a slogan.

2. Check Their Insurance Coverage

Never hire an electrician that does not have liability insurance coverage. This means bonded. Look for an insurance policy or bond of at least $1 Million.

3. Ask For Their Journeyman’s Card

All electricians are required to be a journeyman. Ask to see the card of anyone performing electrical work on your home or business.

4. Ask About Their Work

Reviews and testimonials from customers clearly indicate what you should expect for your electrical need.

5. Is The Electrician Engaged When You Speak About Your Electrical Need?

Do they seem concerned? Are they upfront and confident about pricing? Do they have several options? Do they explain everything that goes with the electrical need? Do they care about your property and specific needs?

By following these tips, you are on the right track to hiring the right electrician for you. And if you need any help from an electrician in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, or DC area, contact us today!


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