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Infographic: 5 Tips For Electrical Safety

Electrical maintenance will prevent problems before they occur, boosting the performance of your electrical system while also protecting your home and your family. Keeping up with your home’s electrical maintenance needs will ensure your electrical system is in good condition, improving the value and comfort of your home. Your F.H. Furr electrician in Fairfax County can help you with electrical maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to meet all your home’s needs.

Graphic titled "Tips for Electrical Safety." The tips include addressing outlets that are hot to the touch, resolving issues with flickering lights, using multi-outlet converters, avoiding using too many extension cords, and scheduling services for your circuit breaker if it trips frequently.

1. Outlet faceplates 

2. Flickering lights 

3. Multi-outlet converters 

4. Extension cords 

5. Circuit breakers

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