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4 Things I Learned During My Plumbing Crisis

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"I love my home, I have lived there for 14 years, raised my children in it, created memories with my family and every corner of that home carries a special part of my family's history. There is simply no place like home.   BUT  as any homeowner will lament, home owning can be stressful with a never ending list of things to do around the house.    

The less glamorous side of home ownership is dealing with the maintenance.  My house was built in 1928 and over the years I have had no choice but to do a ton of those less glamorous renovations, like updating the old pipes. I am lucky to have found a great plumbing service that helped me navigate the path of performing substantial repairs and maintenance on my plumbing. FH Furr became my go-to!

They are reliable, honest, clean and their technicians are knowledgable in finding an affordable way to update my home's plumbing.  Their customer service is absolutely the best. So once this large plumbing job was compelted, I thought my plumbing issues wouldn't appear on my to-do list ever again. Wrong! 

I was at work and got the call from my husband, a homeowners worst nightmare, we had sewage flooding in the basement.  Thinking the worst (DC is not known for the most modern pipes for sewage), I immediately thought we would have to replace the pipe going to the city sewer line at the street.  Our neighbors recently had that problem, and their entire yard had to be ripped up to get to the pipe to replace, it costing them many thousands.   

F.H. Furr to the rescue! They brought in a snake camera and found that the pipe was blocked and not cracked!  What a relief.  They fully snaked the debris free and evacuated the entire pipe line.  Afterwards they re-examined the pipeline with the snake camera all the way to the street (almost 100 feet) to ensure the pipe was completely clear so there were be no more returning issues.  

So after that experience, here is what I learned about plumbing and how other homeowners can manage a plumbing issues. 

1. Have a reliable plumber in your contacts

For me, it's always F.H. Furr. Their technicians go through continuous training and use state of the art equipment.  Additionally, their trucks are stocked to maximize their job efficiency and minimize delays of a repair or replacement. Plus I trust their abilities and I've always been happy with the service I've received. 

2. Preventive Maintenance 

At least once a year, your home’s plumbing and drain system should checked and cleaned for maximum usage. This is especially important when it comes to locations lined with tree roots or bushes.

3.  Find our where your water shut-off valve is located

 After my divorce, I had no idea where my water shut-off was located. Because F.H. Furr is known for always educating their customers, they showed me. With every drain cleaning or clogged drain, their "Rooterologists" will make sure you are educated about your plumbing system, especially when it comes to your main shutoff. 

4.  Stay calm

A plumbing disaster can be extremely stressful, I know from firsthand experience. Having a reputable service technician on the job can definitely help the situation! F.H. Furr is not only the best at what they do but they also put their people through random background checks so you can feel safe when you invite their technicians into your home.   

If you've got a plumbing issue, F.H. Furr is offering $100 off of any plumbing service at a minimum of $200 service call, so now would be a great time to get that service taken care of! I'm glad I did!"

Kelly Collis
The Tommy Show 

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