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Your home is likely the biggest investment of your life, so treat it as such, with the ultimate home comfort protection plan!

How F.H. Furr’s Preferred Partner Plan Protects Your Home

Protecting Your Home

As a operated business, F.H. Furr understands the importance of the home. We realize that “home” means family, comfort, and safety. Being sure that your home comfort system is protected from breakdowns is important for all three of those things. Protecting your home comfort systems is simple with F.H. Furr’s Preferred Partner Plan (PPP)! We’ve designed this service to make your comfort better than ever before. We know what your home needs in order to run smoothly, and we are meeting those needs by utilizing a benefits program for homeowners who expect and deserve “Absolutely the Best” service in the industry. Your Preferred Partner Plan will cover all of your home’s basic preventative care so that you can keep household dangers and disasters at bay. 

Serving Your Family With Excellence

Although all F.H. Furr customers can count on excellent customer service, Preferred Partner Plan members will have access to a whole new level of care, thanks to the benefits of their service plan. Technicians will arrive on time for scheduled maintenance and service, equipped with the right tools to get the job done. They’ll be clean, polite, and uniformed, all with ongoing training and education to ensure that they’re the most knowledgeable technicians in the business. Not only this, but service plan members will gain priority service, with appointments being scheduled geographically by zip code to offer customers more convenient appointment dates and times. Once your home has been cared for, you’ll get a follow-up from us to ensure that everything went smoothly. If you’re ever unsatisfied for any reason, we’ll work to make things right! If you need services other than what your maintenance plan covers, you’ll get discounted pricing just for being a member! 

Why Choose A PPP?

In an industry that’s saturated with service professionals, all offering their own service plan guarantees and promises, why should you choose F.H. Furr’s Preferred Partner Plans? The answer is simple; we don’t offer “too-good-to-be-true” selling points; we offer peace of mind, coverage when you need it, and Northern Virginia’s most trusted home service company having your back. We have risen to a higher standard of service and workmanship, and we have a loyal customer base to prove it. We give customers the kind of treatment that we’d provide for our family!

Becoming a Preferred Partner Plan member means that your home will run more smoothly each year you’re enrolled. Most homeowners don’t realize this, but when their home comfort systems break down, their warranties are only valid if they can prove that they’ve maintained their home systems. We keep those records for you to protect you from voided warranties. You can say goodbye to premature system failures, and the best part is that being a PPP member is affordable! With just one phone call, your home can experience new heights of comfort, efficiency, and safety! 

5 Reasons To Say “Yes!” To A Preferred Partner Plan! 

4 Comprehensive Inspections! 

PPP members get four inspections each year on their heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems! These safety and reliability check-ups ensure that equipment is running correctly all year long while providing a more comfortable home environment.

15% Discounts!

Preferred members get 15% off of all service repairs and labor. Savings like this can really make an impact when it comes to extensive repairs or replacements, especially in older homes that require more constant care.

Priority service every time you call

Preferred Partner Plan members are coded with priority upon calling and always go to the front of the list. Since only a limited number of plans are offered, you can be sure that you will get service faster than the average customer.

Stay Within Warranty Guidelines

Your home comfort system warranties could be voided without annual maintenance. Having your home’s equipment maintained is imperative to comply with your system’s warranty, meaning you’re protected when something goes wrong. 

PPP Member Exclusive Deals 

It’s smart to save a buck wherever you can; that’s why F.H. Furr provides special services and offers just for their Preferred Partner Plan members. You’ll have access to all of the exclusive deals that will help to keep your home comfort systems happy, not to mention your wallet! 

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