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The Best Indoor Air Quality Products Of 2021

There are tons of Indoor Air Quality products on the market and we are here to tell which ones are the best!

No matter how often you clean, there’s a good chance your home has at least some level of indoor air pollution. Pollen, dust, dirt, cleaning chemicals, mold, and bacteria are just a few of the pollutants that can float around your home. While you can’t see most of these contaminants, you may still be experiencing their negative effects. That’s why it’s important to invest in some good indoor air quality products!

Not sure what to buy? We’ve got you covered! Since 2021 is coming to an end, we thought we would take this opportunity to tell you which Indoor Air Quality products made it to the top of our list this year! 

1. EnviroAire UV Whole Home In-Duct Air Purification System

This product uses germicidal UV-C light waves, along with technology similar to the catalytic converter on your car’s exhaust. The UV-C light reacts with titanium and carbon to effectively capture and disintegrate contaminants, leaving only harmless water vapor and CO2 that can be released back into your home’s air. Unlike other UV purification products, the EnviroAire UV Whole Home In-Duct Air Purification System is twice as powerful, and can reduce up to 99.9% of the debris in your home’s air!

2. EnviroAire Media Air Cleaners

Unlike traditional air filters, EnviroAire IAQ Media Air Cleaners are designed to perform at a much finer filtration rate, greatly maximizing your clean-air potential, while capturing sub-micron contaminants that other filters leave behind. EnviroAire IAQ Media Air Cleaners boast high efficiency ratings to help ensure the smooth operation of your HVAC system, saving you money on future repairs. EnviroAire offers two different Media Air Cleaners:

1” Polarized Media Air Cleaner

The 1″ Polarized-Media Air Cleaner utilizes a combination of low static pressure and a polarized media pad to attract and capture toxic sub-micron contaminants and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), preventing them from entering your home’s air flow through the HVAC system.

5” Media Air Cleaner

The 5″ air cleaner features a steel cabinet where the media filter is stored, it is versatile when it comes to installation, and is compatible with systems from the basement to the attic! While it’s made to remove pollutants from the air in your home, it also protects your HVAC system, making it more efficient and extending its life. This heavy-duty filter has more than 9 times the filtration of a 1″ air cleaner. 

3. EnviroAire Whole Home Humidifiers

Installing an EnviroAire Whole Home Humidifier means you’ll be able to add just the right amount of moisture to your home’s air. It will improve the overall health of your family and your home, as dry air lowers your body’s immunity, dries out your skin, eyes, and nose, and eventually cracks wood furnishings and floors in your home. EnviroAire offers two different Whole Home Humidifiers: 

– Bypass Whole Home Humidifier

This humidifier utilizes the existing air handler to direct humidified air to every room in the home. This particular product is ideal for homes up to 4,000 square feet.

– Power Whole Home Humidifier

This humidifier has a quiet built-in fan that works independently of the furnace blower. It pulls heated air directly from the furnace of the air handler blower to move air through a water panel. 

At F.H. Furr, we recommend using EnviroAire IAQ products because of the many health benefits they provide for your home and family. Experience a safer, healthier indoor air environment and call us to install EnviroAire IAQ products in your home today and start breathing the cleanest air of your life!

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