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The Benefits Of Duct Cleaning Before The Holidays

Looking to have friends and family over for the holidays? You’ll want to be sure that your indoor air quality is in good condition for your guests! 

When preparing your home for holiday guests, you may only think about cleaning your carpet, bathrooms, and other surfaces. But, in order to create the perfect atmosphere for your holiday festivities, you need clean air! Here are 3 benefits of getting your ducts cleaned before the holidays:

1. Increases The Efficiency Of Your Heater

When you have guests over, you may keep your home a little warmer or run the heater more often than you would if you were at work all day. Unfortunately, this will cause your energy bill to increase. Luckily, duct cleaning can help you better distribute heat throughout your home by removing the dust and debris in your air ducts. Better air distribution will reduce the time the heater needs to be on, ultimately lowering your energy bill.

2. Removes Unpleasant Odors In Your Home

No one wants a smelly home when guests are over! Foul odors can be difficult to completely remove from your home because the scents still remain in your air ducts and will spread around your home when you turn on the air conditioner or heater. A duct cleaning will help remove all unwanted smells, making your home smell fresh and clean for your holiday gathering.

3. Reduces The Amount Of Dust In Your Home

Lastly, having your ducts cleaned before guests arrive for the holidays will help reduce the dust in your home. Removing dust will make your home look and feel cleaner for longer. Additionally, your friends and family with allergies or asthma will thank you, as dust can trigger their symptoms to worsen. 

Are you interested in refreshing your indoor air quality before your holiday guests come knocking on your door? Call on our expert Indoor Air Quality Technicians today! 

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