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Stop Water Damage With The Grohe Sense System

Water damage is not cheap and can cause major destruction to your home. Don’t you wish there was a way for something to warn you before a plumbing disaster occurs? Well, there is! It’s called the Grohe Sense System.

While it’s suggested that plumbing maintenance is key to ensuring your home’s plumbing is in good shape, there’s another solution that you need to prevent water damage. That solution is the Grohe Sense System. 

What Is The Grohe Sense System? 

The Grohe Sense is a two-part system that monitors temperature and humidity, detects water leaks and pipe bursts, and alerts you while shutting off your water automatically if it senses a major flood issue. In short, it’s a system that allows you to have peace of mind that your home is protected from water damage. Let’s break down the two-part system:

Part One: The Grohe Sense

The Grohe Sense detects water in the home and alerts you before it becomes a flood. It also alerts you if room temperatures fall below 37°F, preventing your pipes from freezing. In addition, the sensor will pick up on humidity and dampness. If you have an abundance of either, it could provide the ideal conditions for mold growth. The Grohe Sense will alert you of those high humidity levels so that you can act before mold grows. Additionally, if you don’t have enough moisture in the air, it can tell you about that as well. 

Part Two: The Grohe Guard

Part two of the system is the Sense Guard – AKA the water controller. The Sense Guard has the important job of tracking water consumption, detecting micro leaks and frost risks, and shutting off the water supply. Because it’s installed in the heart of your plumbing system, it can easily detect household leaks, and if there are any concerning gushes of water, it will immediately shut things down!

The Sense Guard can also alert you of unusual water patterns and tracks your water consumption. You can check the app and see where your water is being used and how often. 

With the Grohe Sense System, you’ll never have to worry about leaks, bursts, and flooding again! That means you’ll have complete peace of mind and can rest easy, knowing that even if you’re not home and something happens, your Grohe Sense System will alert you to it!

Call on F.H. Furr today and have one of our expert plumbers out to install your new Grohe Sense System, stopping water waste and flooding damage for good!

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