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The Grinch Might Not Be The Only One Stealing Christmas!

Christmas is nearly here, and although some folks have had their Christmas shopping completed since last month, the majority of us are just getting started! We have Christmas lists written in red and green crayon hanging on our refrigerators, waiting for “Santa” to check them off. Well I’m sure we can all agree that Santa’s budget is a bit tight this year. We all have our stash, that money we’ve set aside specifically for Christmas, and we’ve been saving it for months. We’ve sworn oaths not to touch it until the gift purchasing begins! But what if that money, which we’ve protected with our very lives, suddenly disappeared? What if it vanished—stolen by a mysterious thief? “Who would do such a thing?” you may ask, “Who would steal the money for my kid’s gifts? Who would steal Christmas!?” This thief is of the worst variety, trusted and unsuspected. It seems perfectly harmless until it comes from the shadows and sucks your pocketbook dry! It is none other than your HVAC system! Yes, that heat pump or furnace that has been humming in your basement for years could be your worst Christmas nightmare!

We often neglect maintenance on our heating systems, using the old phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. But this line of thinking could end up costing us in the long-run. All throughout the year, your heating system is collecting dirt and dust, which causes it to run less efficiently. Without regular tune-ups, you can be sure that your furnace or heat pump will break down long before it should. Not only can it be costly to replace a heating system, but it can also come at the most inconvenient times, forcing you to dip into funds you’d prefer to leave untouched.

Here at F.H. Furr, we understand the importance of taking care of your heating system. We know that by scheduling regular maintenance and tune-ups, you can extend the life of your equipment, save money on your utility bills and improve the overall efficiency of your unit. Properly cleaning the equipment creates better indoor air quality, and by checking the system you can be assured that there are no carbon monoxide leaks, which could be extremely harmful to your family.

Christmas is a time for celebrating, being together and giving, that’s why F.H. Furr is giving you our 28 point Heating Tune-Up, (Valued at $115.00) for only $46 bucks for new customers! Who doesn’t like a little extra Christmas money in their pocket? By scheduling a Precision Heating Tune-Up, you can be sure that the only person you need to worry about stealing your Christmas is the Grinch! Don’t let your HVAC system ruin the holiday, let F.H. Furr protect you from Christmas theft!

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