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Stay Warm This Winter with F.H. Furr

Stay Warm This Winter with F.H. Furr

During the cold winter weather, you rely on your heating system to provide a comfortable and healthy indoor environment for your family. At F.H. Furr, we are dedicated to helping you stay warm this winter with comprehensive heating services for all types of heating equipment, including furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, and baseboard heating systems. Our HVAC technicians serving Fairfax and Montgomery Counties can provide any service you need, from routine maintenance to complete heating system replacement, so you can enjoy a warm and comfortable winter season this year and every year.

Heating Inspections and Maintenance

Reliable, efficient heating begins with regular maintenance. Biannual heating service will prevent drops in system efficiency and indoor air quality that are associated with neglect and wear, helping you save money and improving the “breathability” and comfort of the air inside your home. Your F.H. Furr technician is pleased to provide heating system checks and tune-ups to ensure your system is operating exactly as it should. Professional maintenance includes our signature 21-point heating system inspection, as well as comprehensive cleaning and tune-up services to remove dirt and dust. We will also address any worn or failing parts before they can cause damage or affect the cost of heating your home.

Heating Repair

Even with regular care, your heating system may experience problems that affect its function from time to time. At F.H. Furr, we offer complete heating repair solutions for every type of problem, whether it is minor or major. Our heating repair technicians are available daily for appointments; however, because we know that furnace breakdowns don’t always happen during business hours, we also provide emergency service to address your heating needs at any time of the night or day. Scheduling prompt heating repairs will help to minimize any inconvenience caused by a furnace failure, as well as reduce the amount of damage that can be caused by a broken or failing part. Taking positive steps to schedule professional repairs as soon as you notice a heating problem is the best way to restore heating system efficiency and ensure that your furnace, heat pump, or boiler will continue providing the heat you need for many years to come.

Heating Replacement

While today’s heating systems are designed to last for 10-20 years or more with the right care, no heating system will run forever. If you’re starting to notice steadily-increasing heating bills or a drop in home comfort despite keeping your furnace maintained, it may be time to consider replacing your heating system with a new one. A new heating system will offer unparalleled efficiency and the fast, even heating you want to offset the cold weather outside. When it comes time to select and install a new heating system, your F.H. Furr technician can provide the advice and product information you need to make the best choice for your current and future needs. We offer a wide variety of heating system options, as well as fast professional installation so you can get the greatest return on your investment from the moment you first set your thermostat to “heat.”

If you need heating help this winter, our experienced HVAC technicians serving Fairfax and Montgomery Counties are available to provide the top-quality information and service you deserve. You can find out more about our heating services in northern Virginia and southern Maryland when you visit us on the web, or get additional HVAC tips and advice on our blog.

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