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Stay Cool With All The Air Conditioning Services We Offer

Stay Cool With All The Air Conditioning Services We Offer

Today’s high-efficiency systems can cut your HVAC costs up to 107% and pay for themselves in lower AC and heating bills within several years. You’ll enjoy greater comfort at home while using less energy. Check out our cooling Services below to see what we offer. 

  • Air Conditioning Maintenance and Inspection

Your F.H. Furr service technician will perform a complete 25-step home comfort inspection of your home cooling system that will take about one half hour to one hour to complete. During your A/C Tune Up & Inspection, we will:

  1. Visually inspect capacitors for leakage and rust
  2. Inspect readily accessible ducts for obvious air leaks
  3. Complete operations sequence check
  4. Check crankcase heater for proper maintenance
  5. Inspect air filtration system
  6. Inspect blower wheel
  7. Inspect blower and motor and record AMP draw (lubricate as needed)
  8. Replacement of filter provided by customer while on site at time of inspection
  9. Inspect unit wiring and electrical disconnect
  10. Check and calibrate thermostat as required
  11. Tighten screw lug terminals in condensing unit
  12. Inspect contractor for pits or burns
  13. Check and record AMP draw of condenser motor and compressor
  14. Inspect fan blade for cracks or defects
  15. Check condenser motor bearings, lubricate non sealed condenser motor bearings (when necessary)
  16. Inspect indoor coil if accessible
  17. Inspect any condensate drain pans and drains for proper operation
  18. Check and record operating pressures and temperatures
  19. Inspect and clean outdoor unit (does not include use of detergent)
  20. Check refrigerant level (when outside temp>60 degrees F)
  21. Inspect cooling system for unusual vibration or loose parts
  22. Inspect and flush condensate lines and check condensate pump operation (if equipped)
  23. Check evaporator for adequate airflow
  24. Lubricate furnace/boiler blower or air handler
  25. Check overall operation of system
  • Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are designed to keep your home nice and cozy when you’re in and not waste energy when you’re out. They also allow you to program and pre-set separate temperatures for the various seasons of the year. Additionally, they can also be set to coincide with your daily living, working, and sleeping schedules.

  • Zoning System

Zone heating and cooling is about controlling the temperatures of the various rooms within your home. It can be very frustrating having some rooms too hot, some rooms too cold and other rooms just right. With residential zoning, you can now even out the temperatures in different rooms or sections of your home. Many homes with these characteristics have a greater need for residential zoning:

  • Multiple levels
  • Large open areas
  • Sprawling layout
  • Finished basement/attic
  • Air Conditioner

When needing a new Air Conditioner, here’s a few things to consider:

  • Home size
  • Load calculation
  • Duct inspection
  • System features
  • Comfort enhancements
  • Payment options
  • Air Handler

The air handler works in conjunction with the heat pump or air conditioner to condition and circulate the air in your home. The typical system has the air handler inside the home with a heat pump or air conditioning unit outside the home. In the summer the air handler conditions and circulates cool air, while in the winter it conditions and circulates warm air.

  • Heat Pump

A heat pump is used not only to heat your home in the winter but also to cool your home in the summer. It does not use an electrical element or burn fuel to produce heat, but uses the same principle as a refrigerator and air conditioner, which is the Freon evaporation cycle. A heat pump system combined with a natural gas or propane furnace allows you to switch to the cheapest heat source depending on the market prices.

  • Ductless System

If your home does not already have forced air ducts a ductless system may be the unique solution for central air conditioning for your home. In a ductless system there is usually one outdoor unit serving multiple indoor units mounted throughout the home. Refrigerant is piped from the outdoor unit through small, insulated refrigerant lines to the individual indoor units. Cool air is blown into the rooms by a fan in the individual units. Since the refrigerant lines are small, installation is generally easier than installation of a full system with new ductwork. Although some systems provide heating and cooling, ductless mini-split systems are usually installed for cooling and are quite efficient. 

If you have any questions or concerns, contact F.H. Furr Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical.

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