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Stay COOL This Summer!

Maintaining your air conditioner this summer is your key to a happy sun-filled summer! After being outside all day enjoying the weather, it’s always nice to come inside to a comfortable house to cool down and relax!

During the cold months, our A/C units collect dust and dirt, making them less efficient, which turns into additional costs in utility bills.😖 Also, the lack of maintenance done to your A/C unit could affect your heat pump and air handler to the point of breaking. At this point, you can say “bye bye” to that summer vacation!

Getting routine maintenance will not only save you money on energy cost, but it will also extend the life of your unit! ✅ Win-Win! 

It’s also a good idea to get it checked before heading out on vacation! With the curtains pulled, lights and fans off, doors locked, AND your A/C happens to break? That is the perfect situation for mold growth due to humidity levels rising. Yes, MOLD! Gross 🤢

Let’s prevent all of the above and put an A/C inspection on your list of to-do’s this Spring! 

Our service technician will perform a complete 25-step Signature Multipoint Cooling/HVAC Reliability and Safety Inspection! It starts with an inspection of capacitors for leaks and rust and ends with checking the overall operation of your system.

For more information visit our website for a complete list of our 25-step Signature Inspection and schedule an appointment with a service technician today! 

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