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Spooky Electrical Noises In Your Home And What They Are Trying To Tell You

Hearing odd noises in our home sounds like something out of a horror film. No need to run and hide from what’s lurking, those sounds are your house trying to tell you something. Humming and buzzing are normal when it comes to your home’s electric, but noticeable changes mean you have an issue.

Humming noises can be a cause for alarm, or perfectly normal, but either way, don’t ignore your humming electrical.

  • Outlet or Switch
    If you hear humming most likely a wire is loose, time to call in a professional
  • Electrical Panel
    Humming noises from behind the panel indicates an issue with one or more of the breakers. A consistently overloaded circuit can start making electrical noise, indicating some kind of malfunction. You should have an electrician fix this right away.
  • Electrical Main
    They have a natural humming sound due to the alternating current in the mains. Unless the humming turns louder and almost metallic, it shouldn’t be a cause of concern.

Buzzing can be considered white noise when electrical appliances are operating, but a sudden or loud change can indicate a problem.

  • Lights and Fixtures
    Lights are very common when it comes to buzzing sounds, especially when on a dimmer. Switching to quality LED bulbs is the easiest solution to eliminate the noise.
  • Outlet Or Switch
    Not only do they hum, they buzz too! In most cases the outlet is overloaded or improperly grounded. Either way, call in a professional.
  • Electric of Gas Meter
    Older models have several moving parts inside causing the buzzing noise. It is harmless but if it becomes a nuisance or louder, time to discuss a meter upgrade with your utility company.
  • Appliances
    Buzzing from an appliance could indicate a faulty electrical socket. An electrician should treat the source of the problem.

Don’t be afraid of the sounds of your home’s electrical system. Indicating where the noise is coming from will help pinpoint the possible issue. If you do hear humming and buzzing coming from your home, give the professionals at F.H. Furr a call.

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