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5 Silent Signs Your Home Has An Electrical Problem

5 Silent Signs Your Home Has An Electrical Problem

Although you use electricity in your home every day, some electrical warning signs are easy to overlook or even ignore. Even the quietest electrical problems can add up and turn into something worse. These warning signs may not be loud, but they should be taken seriously.

One of the most valuable tips we could give you is to be on the lookout for silent signs of electrical issues in your home! It’s important to know what to look for to avoid a hazardous situation, such as an electrical fire. Below are 5 quiet hints your home may have an electrical problem.

1. Burning Smell

As you probably know, a burning smell should be an urgent warning sign, and if you can’t tell where it’s coming from, it might be from behind your walls. A burning smell is common when dealing with a short circuit, likely caused by loose wires or worn wiring. Short circuits are the number one cause of electrical fires, so it is important to get a professional in your home to resolve the problem quickly.

2. Flickering Lights

You may think the flickering lights in your home are a sign there is a ghost present, however, it’s much more likely there’s a loose electrical connection. If only one light fixture in your home is flickering, the fix is usually fairly simple. If multiple lights in your home are flickering, there may be a deeper issue and it’s a good idea to contact a professional to take a closer look.

3. Hot Outlets

Although many electrical appliances produce heat while plugged in, the outlet itself should never become hot to the touch. If an outlet becomes hot, quickly unplug the cord and refrain from using the outlet until the issue has been resolved.

4. Loose Outlets 

If you plug a cord into an outlet that feels loose, don’t ignore it! That loose outlet may seem harmless, but it can turn into a potential fire hazard. Immediately stop using the outlet and have a professional electrician inspect the outlet to identify the source of the problem.

5. Electric Shocks

If you constantly feel a shock or tingle when you touch a particular electrical appliance, cord, or outlet, there could be an electrical problem to blame. In most cases, the electrical shocks are due to a problem with the wiring inside the appliance or your home’s electrical system. It is important to address the issue immediately by scheduling an electrician to take a closer look. The shocks can worsen over time and can become potentially dangerous.

The best way to avoid electrical hazards is to have a professional inspect your electrical system. Call on our expert electricians today to help protect your home with an electrical safety and reliability inspection!

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