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Safety First! Know the Service Technician Coming Into Your Home!

Safety First! Know the Service Technician Coming Into Your Home!

When you call for service, do you REALLY know who is coming into your home? Recently in the news, we read of an air conditioning repairman in Florida that assaulted a customer after restraining her children. Due to lacerations to her face and head, she actually had to be transported to the hospital! You can see the story here.

We really couldn’t believe what we were reading! It got us thinking about just how thankful we are that we have promises that we stand by for our customers every single day.

One of the biggest things that F.H. Furr prides ourselves on is something we call the “F.H. Furr Difference”. We want you to know that YOU are as safe as your home is in our hands. We want you to know that we treat our customers as family. We pride ourselves on the fact that our technicians have the utmost respect for every single one of our customers. After all, we only hire “Absolutely the Best”.

Because our employees represent our company, we want to be sure that our values are displayed through them! Many of our employees go into our customers’ homes for repairs, maintenance and replacement, and we require each of our employees pass a thorough background check before they are hired. This process gives our customers the peace of mind they need, to know that the technicians we send into the homes are people they can trust!

We also want you to feel secure knowing that all work being performed is done so by completely competent technicians. Our employees are required to pass a drug test before being hired as well as once a month. The dates are random to ensure maximum security.

We don’t want our customers to have to worry about their home or themselves, so we do everything we can to ensure their safety is top priority

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