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Reduce Outdoor Water Waste This Spring!

When the temperature outside starts rising, the need to conserve water is a no brainer! 

Did you know that roughly 50% of the water that we use outside to water our grass, plants, garden, etc. evaporates, gets caught in the wind or ends up running off from OVER watering! 

We are here to help with a few water conservation tips to lower water waste and keep your grass green:


1) Inspect your hose. 

Inspect your equipment before the first lawn watering. Check for leaks and clogs and fix any broken parts on your hose and sprinkler head as it could waste thousands of gallons of water over the course of the Spring and Summer months!

2) Set a timer on your water sprinkler.

Before the heat of the day starts and after the sun goes down are typically the best times to set your timer for. This is when the least amount of evaporation occurs. 

3) Get to know your plants.

Each plant requires a certain amount of water. Get to know what they need and the best times to water them. Over watering a plant can be harmful and wasteful! 

4) Longer is better.

Raise your mower blade up a notch or two. Having slightly longer grass promotes deeper root growth, more water retention, less water loss from evaporation and most importantly, fewer weeds! 

5) Utilize the rain.

When stormy weather visits, set a few buckets outside to catch the rain and gutter runoff. Then simply re-use the rain water to water your plants! 

6) Break out the broom.

Instead of hosing off the driveway or sidewalks, try using a broom to move the loose dirt, gravel and mulch to help conserve water. 

We know old habits can be hard to break, but adapting some of theses tricks in your regular routines can help eliminate a ton of water waste and cut down on your water bill over time!

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