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Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

As the fall months come to a close, is your home ready for the Fairfax winter weather ahead? Check out the following tips for preparing your air conditioning unit to rest and your heating system to go to work.

  • Clean Your System
    As you winterize your air conditioning unit, make a thorough cleaning of all of the equipment. Drain the hoses and ensure there is no remaining water in any part of your air conditioning unit. Remove dirt, leaves, and other debris from your air conditioner before covering it for the winter.
  • Have Your Heating System Inspected
    Call your air conditioning or heating specialists to inspect your heaters, fireplace, furnaces and other heating home appliances for the winter. While you can do most of the home preparation yourself, it’s still essential to receive a professional maintenance check for any precautionary repairs or concerns.
  • Change the Filters
    Although you may not be planning to use your air conditioning during the winter, it’s still important to change out the filter. This way, your old filter doesn’t collect dust over the next few months and potentially spread bacteria to the rest of the unit. Also, changing your filter gives you the ability to run your air conditioner at a moment’s notice. Be sure to change and check the filters of your furnace or heating pump before the winter months as well.
  • Prepare Your Water Heater
    As you complete your preparation in shutting down your air conditioner for the winter, it’s equally important to prepare your heating appliances for the coming winter months and frequent usage. Turn down your water heater to save extra money on energy bills during the winter. Especially since you will have the heat running more, lower the temperature of your water heater to conserve energy.

To schedule a servicing appointment for your heater and air conditioner in the Fairfax area, call the experts at F.H. Furr Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer air conditioning, heating, and plumbing services and repairs. Call us with your questions or to schedule a visit from one of our trained professionals at (703) 690-0449.

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