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8 Quick Tips About Plumbing Maintenance

8 Quick Tips About Plumbing Maintenance

When it comes to Plumbing Maintenance, things can get a little confusing. If you follow these quick tips, it will ensure your Plumbing System will be up to date and not have any problems.

  1. Keep An Eye Out For Any Changes– Little leaks can potentially lead to big problems quickly. Make sure you check for leaking faucets, damp cabinets, loose toilets, dripping refrigerators or any other change in appliances that appear abnormal.
  2. Fix Problems Early On– Leaking appliances can lead to moisture buildup which can cause mold and other bacteria to form. Not only would you have to fix your appliance, but you would also have to deal with getting rid of the mold, which can get tricky.
  3. Shut-Off Valve Of Appliances– In case of any emergency you should always know the location of the Shut Off Valve on all appliances, if needed.
  4. Preventing Clogged Drains– Don’t pour cooking grease down your kitchen sink because the grease will harden causing your drain to clog. In the shower, you can place a drain screen over the drain to catch hair and jewelry. You can also pour baking soda and vinegar treatments down your drain to clear them. Leave the mixture in the drain for a few hours and it will dissolve scum and bacteria that has built up. Rinse it out and you’re good to go.
  5. Overflowing– If a toilet, sink or tub ever overflows, the most important thing is to stay calm. Locate the main shut-off valve and turn the appliance off. Let the water recede and see if you can unclog the drain. If not, contact us and we will be sure to help you!
  6. Signs Of Corrosion– Leaks can occur due to corrosion, as well as other problems. Check around your pipes to make sure corrosion hasn’t started to form. If it has, act sooner than later and call in a professional for guidance on how to fix the problem. 
  7. Cracked Tile– Cracked tile in the bathroom may mean there is a leak or a problem with your plumbing. If you notice a crack in any of your tiles, check your pipes and make sure nothing is leaking or causing any other difficulties.
  8. Leaks– When checking for leaks there are five main things to look for. 
    • Check for wet spots
    • Check for foundation cracks
    • If you hear running water sounds
    • If you smell a musty scent
    • If you have an unusually high water bill                                                  

If you have any questions or concerns contact us at and we will be happy to help you with any plumbing,heating, air conditioning or electrical problem!  

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