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4 Questions To Ask Your Electrician About A Whole Home Generator

4 Questions To Ask Your Electrician About A Whole Home Generator

Power outages are a common occurrence. Whether it’s hurricane season, or a brutal winter storm, without some type of backup, your home could be in for some dark days!

If you’re one of those who is considering bolstering your home’s electrical backup precautions, consider a Whole Home Power Generator. Whole home generators are becoming a popular way for Fairfax VA, Leesburg VA, as well as surrounding Northern Virginia and Maryland area homeowners to keep their homes safe and comfortable during prolonged periods without power.

Whole home standby generators offer power levels higher than portable generators – their rating ranges anywhere from 5 kilowatt up into hundreds of kW. This makes them the best choice for dealing with a long-term power outage. While the initial cost is higher than a portable generator, a whole home generator will increase the value of your home and keep your family protected.

Here is a list of questions you should ask your electrician, before choosing a generator for your home:

  1. What is the amperage size of your main panel?

  2. Where is the best location in your home for a generator-to-gas hookup?

  3. Which style of transfer switch would be best for your home?

  4. Are you interested in an eco-friendly transfer switch?

Maybe the most important question of all is for you; ask yourself what you’d like to keep operating in your home during a power outage? If your answer is “everything!” a generator is your next step!

When storms are on the horizon, call the experts at F.H. Furr Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical to help you select the best whole home generator solution to fit your family’s needs and budget. Our electricians will help you find the perfect location and explain their installation process so you’ll know exactly what’s being installed and how. Contact us today to have your generator installed for peace of mind! 

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