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The 10 Biggest Problems For Plumbers In Arlington

There are a lot of home improvement problems that aren’t a big deal. Plumbing isn’t one of them. At the first sign of trouble, these issues often send homeowners straight to the phone book to find the nearest professional, and rightly so. Plumbing issues can make life inconvenient (a kitchen sink disposal that doesn’t quite work) or downright miserable (toilet issues – enough said). If you recognize any of the 10 problems for plumbers below, it may be time to call for help.

  1. Running toilets. Your toilet is running, you better go…never mind, we won’t finish that. But while appliances that “run” may spawn jokes, they also cause bills that are anything but funny. Running is caused by faulty or broken internal parts, and can be either a small matter or a sign of a larger problem. Your best bet? Shut the water off and contact us immediately.
  2. Water temperature fluctuation. If someone flushes a toilet while you’re in the shower, does temperature spike in one direction or the other? This isn’t just the symptom of an inconsiderate spouse. Extremely hot or cold bursts of water during showers indicate clogged or corroded water pipes, a swollen or closed hot water shutoff valve or sediment buildup in the hot water heater.
  3. Blocked drains. The probability for a blocked drain is pretty high in most homes. Accumulation of body fats and greases, soap scum and hair can cause major backups in bathtubs. For kitchen sinks, putting expandable foods like rice and pasta down the drains can cause blockages later on, especially if you don’t rinse them down with enough water.
  4. Low kitchen water pressure. If you turn on the kitchen faucet and someone using the bathroom sink finds himself with only a trickle of water, it can signal major internal problems. It’s possible you only have defective plumbing parts, but low or fluctuating water pressure can also indicate improper sink installation or rotting hot/cold water pipes.
  5. Low hot water supply in the heater. Unless you’re housing the cast of 19 Kids and Counting, your water heater should be able to supply enough hot water for you and your family. Sediment build-up and a defective dip tube in your hot water heater can be to blame. The size of your heater may also be a problem. Talk to a professional about estimating your family’s hot water needs to ensure you have the right model.
  6. Whistling pipes. If you want to whistle while you work, that’s between you and your boss, but your pipes shouldn’t be whistling while they work. This problem is more irritating than dangerous, but it can signal defective valves or sediment buildup in your pipes.
  7. Basement flooding. Big red flags here. Nothing in your house should be flooding – ever. Repeated exposure to basement flooding can eventually cripple the integrity of the entire house. If you see pooling after large rains, or an excess buildup of moisture in your basement, call your plumber immediately.
  8. Rust in water. If dirty water is coming out of your faucets, your pipes may be filled with rust, dirt, or harmful minerals. It also may indicate corroded or compromised pipes. Because this is a problem you want fixed quickly, particularly if it’s occurring in your kitchen, skip the DIY project and call a pro to assess the damage.
  9. Leaks around faucet spout and handles. This isn’t the most dangerous of problems, but it can become annoying. Sitting pools of water can attract critters and contribute to overall dampness and mold. Luckily, this one has an easy fix. If your faucet leaks after usage, it’s almost always because of worn-out or missing “packing material,” which is easily replaced.
  10. Kitchen sink and washing machine backups. Your overall plumbing is one big system, and kitchen sinks and washing machine drains are connected in many homes. Lint from the washing machine and garbage and grease from the kitchen disposal can create a thick buildup, affectionately referred to as “gunk” – which usually requires a professional to remove.

These problems don’t just effect Arlington plumbers, but Alexandria plumbers as well. And if you experience any of these issues, and are not comfortable fixing them on your own give us a call at 703-690-0449 or click to schedule us today!

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