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Plumbing Inspections Are a Must

Plumbing isn’t a topic most sit around and talk about, but this modern convenience is something that’s hard to live without. We often take our indoor plumbing for granted until our toilet is clogged or the sink is leaking. When this happens, it stops us in our tracks, thinking, “Now what?,” “How much is this going to cost?,” and “I don’t have time for a repair!”

Don’t worry Avoiding a plumbing crisis can be easier than you think

Mark your calendar for an annual plumbing inspection. An inspection ensures your equipment is operating safely and saves you money by maximizing efficiency and minimizing costly breakdowns. This will save you the headache of taking time off work, being without a sink and/or toilet, and possibly hundreds of dollars. 

At F.H. Furr, we know firsthand how devastating a plumbing disaster can be. Our plumbing inspections are thorough and efficient, making sure your plumbing system is in tiptop shape.

Inspections include: 

  • Dye testing of all toilets: This is to determine if your toilet has a money-wasting leak. A large leak could waste hundreds of gallons of water each day and add several hundred dollars to your annual water and sewer bill. If you’re on a septic tank, the same leak could be even more expensive.
  • Check all exposed hot & cold water supply lines: Supply lines can deteriorate and even rupture. Deteriorated lines can usually be detected and replaced before a serious leak or damage occurs.
  • Check all sink piping: Corroded or deteriorated traps can be detected and replaced before they cause problems.
  • Check all fixture drains: Fixture drains that are not “free-running” are likely to become completely plugged.
  • Check all washing machine hoses: Hoses deteriorate and can rupture and cause damage with age.
  • Check all outside faucets for leaks: Leaks that go un-repaired will waste money and the absence of vacuum breakers can be hazardous.
  • Check all emergency water shutoffs for proper operation & tag all emergency shutoffs: Non-working emergency shutoffs are of no use and can fail when used, causing much bigger problems.

If you think your plumbing could use an inspection or you want to know your pipes are in good condition, don’t hesitate to contact us; we’d love to help

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