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Top 10 Things You Get With A Plumbing Inspection

Because we get emergency calls – serious emergencies – from people who had “no idea” of the threat. Yet in almost all the cases, the “pre-disaster” signs were everywhere. At least to a trained plumber. What kinds of emergencies do we see?

Things like soaked ceilings that fall; or bulging walls that spill themselves into living rooms; or uncooperative toilets, blocked drains, flooded basements… you name it, we’ve seen it go from a cheap repair to an expensive nightmare.

  1. Test your toilets. Could be “dye-testing” for cracks, flusher inspection, or anything that tips us off to a hidden problem. You don’t want a failure here, I promise.
  2. Inspect faucets for leaks. No need to put up with that water wasting nuisance!
  3. Check Washing Machine hoses. These are the ones that give homeowners fits since this isn’t a “trickle”… it’s an indoor flood.
  4. Inspect sink piping and garbage disposal. You spend a lot of time here, so let’s make sure this is working well, and will continue to for a while!
  5. Test Water pressure. Sometimes it’s a supply problem, sometimes a simple calcium problem with a super-easy cure.
  6. Check water heater temperature. No need to have either a cold or scalding shower! We can easily adjust it while we’re there.
  7. Check burner, pilot light/heating element in your water heater. A malfunction here can be inconvenient at best… lethal at worst. Have this checked.
  8. Check drains. Don’t fall for the expensive “drain rebuild” that some may recommend… we have a method that can speed up your drains almost instantly!
  9. Inspect exposed water lines. These can get cut, frozen, or develop leaks that can turn into “yard ponds” that do more damage over time. No fun.
  10. Test and tag emergency shut offs. Just knowing this can help you and your family know what to turn off if a pipe bursts. (This is worth the trip to us… and to you.)

How many people in these emergencies do you think say, “Gosh, I wish I’d known how to prevent this before now?” Almost every one. In fact, most can be avoided with an inspection that alerts you, and gives you peace-of-mind about your home investment.

For more information on plumbing inspections, click to contact us or call at (703) 690-0449. A plumbing inspection in your Arlington, Alexandria or Fairfax home can extend your comfort and could potentially stop a costly disaster.

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