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Noisy A/C? Discover the Cause Today!

Noisy air conditioning unit driving you nuts? Constant droning that keeps you from focusing on anything? Maybe you’re working from home (yeah right, no one can work with that noisy crate in the background), or maybe you’re just trying to get ahead on your studying for night school before dinner has to get made. There are a million reasons you want peace and quiet in your home. There also a good amount of reasons that your A/C unit might be throwing a noise tantrum! Take a look at these common sounds and their possible causes! Get rid of that noisy A/C for good!

“Is someone knocking?” What’s that banging and clanking noise?

That obnoxious sound that consistently makes you want to scream could be a loose part inside the compressor. The sound will echo into your home so there’s no escape. Compressor replacement might be needed, if that’s the case.

“Is someone boiling water?” Hissing or bubbling noise!

This creepy sound could mean you have a tiny refrigerant leak. Although it seems small, hissing is a sign of bigger refrigerant leaks to come. Make sure to have someone take a look at it before it gets out of hand.


“Someone let a bee in!” Constant buzzing…

This could be a warning sign that the compressor motor is failing.

“Click, Rattle and Rumble”…an oldies rock classic?

Nope, just a few symptoms of a loose piece of hardware, such as a bolt. A simple inspection will probably do the trick, and an easy fix is usually in order.

“This house is haunted…” Screeching shack!

An overage of internal pressure can cause this unsettling A/C compressor noise. A compressor that’s working correctly will shut down automatically if it overheats, but if you hear a screeching sound, shut it down until you can get it looked at!

“It’s like a turtle race!” A slow start…

Your starting capacitor might need to be replaced, and if your A/C doesn’t start up at all, the compressor motor has most likely bitten the dust!

“Someone caught a pig!” Squealing noises?

Some compressors give off a squealing sound as when they start pumping, especially at startup. Ordinarily, it’s a harmless sound!

These are just a few of the many noises your home might make. If you’ve heard these distracting sounds, or sounds that haven’t been mentioned, give F.H. Furr a call to find out how we can put an end to your noisy house! Our trained technicians are experts in eliminating A/C unit noises, and with all the peace and quiet, you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t called sooner!

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