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Need A Heavy Up? 3 Reasons Your Electric Panel Needs An Upgrade!

In a world where new electronics are introduced nearly every day, your electrical system is working overtime to create enough energy to provide the power your house needs! When running multiple devices in your home as well as normal lighting and everyday appliances, you might begin to notice that your electrical system can’t take the heat!

What Is A Heavy Up?

A heavy up is another term for an electrical panel upgrade. These upgrades enhance the electrical panel’s capacity for more energy, as well as making it safer to operate a variety of electronic devices in your home. When you have a Heavy Up, you’ll notice a number of awesome benefits that will affect your home’s electrical service.

So without further ado, here are our top 3 reasons why you need an electrical panel upgrade!

1. Improved Electrical Performance

If you’ve noticed your lights dim or flicker when you turn on certain appliances, or your breaker trips for no reason, you’re in need of a heavy up. The upgrade to your electrical panel will solve these common problems and provide a more steady and consistent energy supply throughout your home.

2. Electrical System Safety

If your home is working off of an older electrical panel, there’s a huge risk of overloading, which means there’s an electrical need that your current panel can’t provide. This can be a major fire hazard which, of course, could prove dangerous for your home and your family. Now that you know that overloading your electrical panel can lead to a house fire, you should also know that a heavy up can resolve those issues simply by increasing the power levels to provide for all of the devices in your home.

3. Expanding Options

If you ever desire to do any remodeling in your home, such as room or circuits additions, you’ll be needing a larger service panel. When you get a heavy up electrical upgrade, you’re getting options and opportunity to expand without the danger of adding excessive electrical loads to your system. Your heavy up will take care of the electrical needs and your service technician should be able to advise you on what those needs are.

Your electrical system is important, you use it on a daily basis, you might even take it for granted some days. But just like you care for your car on a regular basis to ensure that it’s running smoothly, do the same for your home. F.H. Furr’s electricians are trained and certified to give you advice and options on what’s best for your electrical system and what you need to create a safer and more efficient home. Contact us today to learn more about our heavy ups!

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