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3 Myths About Programmable Thermostats!

August is the last truly hot month of the summer, and as we endure the final days of heat, it’s a good idea to remember that the air conditioning consistently blasting is costing you a fortune! Even though cool weather is on the horizon, don’t get too excited; heating produces the same effects on your bill! Many homeowners have turned to Programmable Thermostats to keep track of when they’re using their air conditioning. Whether it’s programmed for vacation, time spent at work, or even a change in temperature as you sleep, these thermostats are tailored to fit YOUR schedule!

Having a thermostat that you can set to accommodate your lifestyle is a great way to save money and energy each month, but is there a downside? Let’s explore some of the most common myths about Programmable Thermostats to discover if they’re simply too good to be true!

1. Too Expensive

The cost of a Programmable Thermostat pales in comparison to the money that’s saved on your energy bill every month, and those savings will add up to the amount of the thermostat in no time!

2. Too Complicated

For those of us who are challenged with technology, programmable thermostats can seem a bit daunting. The trick is choosing a model that has consumer-friendly design features and comes with clear, easy instructions.

3. They Don’t Work

This myth has been proven incorrect, in fact, some areas actually mandate the installation of programmable thermostats in all new homes. They are a part of the ENERGY STAR®’s Environmental Protection Agency program because of their energy savings and reliability. These thermostats have been proven to work with efficiency!

Now that we’ve set the record straight regarding these myths, it’s time to try out a programmable thermostat in your home!

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