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Is Your Water Pressure Off Balance?

We’ve all had it happen—waking up at the crack of dawn for work, nearly falling asleep during your morning shower, when all of a sudden, a toilet flushes in another bathroom and you suddenly find yourself dodging liquid bullets of icy water in a tile chamber of torture! You gasp for air, clutching the shower curtain in your fist as you proceed to slip on the porcelain flooring of your tub! You plunge down, ripping the curtain off the ring.

Okay, perhaps it wasn’t as dramatic. But it did throw off your morning groove. Here at F.H. Furr, we get that. It’s cool. But, your water shouldn’t be…

So why is it so common to feel that cold rush of water when someone else uses a water source in your home while you’re in the shower. More importantly; how can you prevent it from happening! To answer that question, it’s important to understand that the leading cause of the problem has to do with the water pressure in your pipes. If you run water from several fixtures at once when the volume of your line is not sufficient to support the pressure changes and balance hot and cold water, you’ll instantly feel that chilly water we all dread. Not only is this an uncomfortable issue, but having incorrect water pressure throughout your home’s pipes could be as dangerous as it sounds. Pressure in anything usually leads to a burst, and your pipes are no different!

So what’s the solution? It varies based off of your unique home and equipment, but one common solution could be the installation of a pressure balancing tub and shower valve. This device has a piston with small inlet ports that open and close in order to retain a balanced pressure. The pressure-balancing tub and shower valve acts voluntarily, allowing for preservation of a comfortable temperature.

Plumbing codes in many states now require the installation of these valves in the building of new homes for safety and efficiency purposes, so you can see how such a tool is not merely beneficial, but considerably important. Our plumbing technicians will come out to your home for free to look things over and give you advice and options on how you can handle your pipe pressure buildup. If you don’t like our solution, you’re under no obligation to hire us for the job. That’s how confident we are that we are able to fix any plumbing situation you might come across.

Don’t be content with the fickle temperature of your water simply because your home was not originally built with such a device, you’ve got options and solutions that your friendly neighborhood plumber (F.H. Furr, of course) can help you with!

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