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Is Your Home Suffering From Low Humidity?

Is Your Home Suffering From Low Humidity?

Humidity plays a huge role in the comfort of your home and family. Most experts say anywhere between 30-60% humidity is acceptable in a home environment, yet many homes can be four times below the recommended level! 

Are you noticing cold-like symptoms that won’t quit, static electricity, and damage to your home? Overly dry air absorbs essential moisture from your body and items in your home, causing an array of problems!

Here are a few signs that you might be experiencing a lack of moisture or humidity in your home:

  • Health issues – Many studies show that the activity level of viruses increases as temperatures and humidity levels decrease. Low humidity levels in your home increase your chances of getting sick. If you’re experiencing symptoms like dry skin, nosebleeds, and a sore throat, you’re likely suffering from low humidity. People living with Asthma will also notice an increase in their usual symptoms. 
  • Static electricity – Everyone hates static! If your home is low on moisture, it can cause dry skin, clothing clings, and even an electrical charge through your hair. Electrical problems also make static electricity dangerous and harmful.
  • Damages to your home – When the air is too dry, your home’s wood flooring and furniture are susceptible to warping, splitting, and even cracking. If you notice that your floors are making additional noise during the dry season or you see visible cracks in your walls and ceilings, you need to consider a boost in your humidity levels!

At F.H. Furr, our knowledgeable and certified technicians continuously train to handle your home’s humidity levels, and they can install a whole-home humidifier that works for you! 

Unlike portable humidifiers that you might use for one room, whole-home humidifiers provide moisture throughout the entire home, creating a more comfortable, healthy, and safe environment! Don’t hesitate to give us a call! We can find a whole-home humidifier that is perfect for your family’s needs! 

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