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Interested In An HVAC Career?

Did you know that the HVAC career field adds around 10,000 jobs around the country every year?! If this is a career field you’re thinking of pursuing, then it’s a good idea to know the details of the job and what will be expected of you!

Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking of entering the field of HVAC!

1. Do You Have Mechanical Skills?

Mechanical system knowledge can easily be taught in a classroom when being trained for the position, but knowing that you are comfortable working with complex systems is definitely a plus when thinking about working in the HVAC field. Sometimes, systems can be complex and require attention to detail as well.

2. Do You Handle Time Management Well?

When working in a field such as HVAC, you MUST be able to stay organized while under pressure and maintaining a schedule is key. Multiple calls in a day means that you must do your work as efficiently as possible so that you can move through your schedule smoothly!

3. Are You Dedicated to Your Work and Career?

Dedication is key. When you say you’re going to be somewhere at 10am, you must stand by your word and be there at 10am. Your customers depend on you to be reliable. A job that might simply be a quick fix for you, could easily be something that they think is going to take a good bit of time or include a ton of work. It’s your job to ensure that they know you’re going to take care of them and always do it with a smile.

4. Are You Fit?

This is basically a requirement. We aren’t saying that you have to be in bodybuilder or “on the cover of a magazine” shape. It’s a requirement that HVAC techs work in small spaces, attempting to get as close to systems as possible. These always take strength and sometimes agility. Many situations cause them to push past what they thought were their set limits on a daily basis. To ensure that their chances of injury are minimal, techs should be in good physical shape.

5. What Is Your Level of Education?

While it’s not usually required that you have a degree, it’s definitely beneficial. Technical schools offer great programs that enable you to earn certifications that can jump-start your career. Most companies offer training, but none can say they invest as much into training as F.H. Furr does. Our technicians have a required yearly number of training hours to complete! 

If, after reading this, you think becoming an HVAC tech might be right for you, check our site HERE to find out if we have any openings. 

Whether it’s plumbing, HVAC, electrician or customer service, F.H. Furr has a place for you! With our superior benefits packages, technical ongoing training, and family-first atmosphere, it’s a no-brainer to join us.


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