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5 Inexpensive Ways To Stay Cool At Night

5 Inexpensive Ways To Stay Cool At Night

Do you have a hard time sleeping at night because your bedroom is too hot? Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to crank up the A/C. Thankfully, there are budget-friendly ways to keep you cool in the sheets this summer!

If you’re having difficulty falling or staying asleep at night due to the unbearable heat you can’t ignore, you should consider these 5 simple cooling tips before bedtime: 

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water during the day and at night is important. Stay away from alcohol, tea, and coffee before bed, and keep a cup of cold water on your nightstand to sip if you wake up at night.

2. Eat Smaller Meals Before Bed

Avoid eating your biggest meal of the day late in the evening. Protein-rich and fatty foods like meat and fish take longer to digest. This causes your body temperature to rise and ultimately makes you feel warmer.

3. Take A Cool Shower Before Bed

Don’t panic! Torturing yourself isn’t necessary, as you don’t need to turn the knob to the coldest setting possible! A lukewarm shower before bed can help you lower your body temperature and provide you with better sleep.

4. Wear Cotton Pajamas 

Cotton is soft, lightweight, and breathable, allowing heat to escape and keeping you cool. Try to stay away from synthetic materials, such as velvet and silk. 

5. Exercise Early 

It’s important to avoid strenuous exercise before bed because exercising causes body temperature to rise, and it takes a long time for your body to return to its normal state. If possible, try exercising in the morning or early afternoon.

Although these 5 tips are great for keeping you cool, the absolute best way to ensure that your A/C is efficiently working is by having your HVAC system inspected and maintained annually. Doing this will provide an efficient system at night and 24/7! Give us a call today and get one of our expert HVAC technicians out to your home. 

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