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Identifying Common Home Electrical Problems

Although you use electricity in your home every day, some electrical problems are easy to overlook or even ignore. However, even small electrical problems can add up to wasted energy, poor electrical performance, and even fire or shock hazards over time if not addressed. Learning to spot some of the most common home electrical problems gives you the advanced warning you need to contact a residential electrician in northern VA for prompt electrical repair.

Tripped Breakers

Your circuit breaker is designed to protect your home’s electrical system from overload. When too much stress is placed on a given circuit, it will trip to shut off the flow of power before the circuit can overheat or sustain other damage. An occasionally tripped circuit is not a cause for concern, particularly if you’ve temporarily placed a higher load than usual on your electrical system, such as running many appliances or electronics at once. If your system does trip, try using fewer appliances at once or plugging at least one appliance into a different circuit. However, if you notice that you are frequently tripping your circuit breaker during everyday use, it’s a sign that there is a bigger issue at play. Identifying the cause of a consistently-tripped circuit and repairing the problem is a job for a professional—contact your electrician to take a look and make any necessary repairs.

Electric Shocks

While static shocks are common in the winter because your home’s heating system often draws moisture out of the air, they can also occur in the summer months if your home is lacking humidity. However, if you are consistently feeling a shock or tingle when you touch a given appliance, cord, or outlet, it could be a sign that there is an electrical problem to blame. In most cases, this type of shock is due to a problem with the wiring either inside the appliance or in your home’s electrical system; it could be a lack of proper grounding as well. Always address this type of issue immediately by calling your residential electrician, as shocks due to this nature can worsen over time and even become potentially dangerous.

Inconsistent Power

Power enters your home in a steady flow, where it is sent to every outlet and fixture for use. Flickering power or lighting across your home is typically a sign that your electrical system is not handling the inflow of power properly. Although this problem may seem like merely an annoyance to be ignored, if it happens consistently, it could mean there is loose or aging wiring in your home that requires electrical repair or replacement. Other symptoms of this problem include faulty or finicky light switches and loud buzzing noises from your switches when you turn them on. Even if these issues are limited to only a certain area of your home or a single fixture, you still need professional assistance to resolve the problem for safety and convenience.

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